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National Novel Writing and Podcast Posting Month 2021

Welcome friend to Create Art Podcast where I help you tame your inner critic and create more than we consume. I am Timothy Kimo Brien your thankful head instigator with over 20 years in arts and education. How I accomplish this is by providing you with commentary, interviews, discussions, and projects that will inspire you to create art. This month I will be podcasting daily and writing a novel in 30 days. I am participating in NaPodPoMo and NaNoWriMo again this year as I did last year and you can hear those episodes here. You will be able to listen and read along to what I wrote for the day. I like to practice what I preach when it comes to art so I am challenging myself to write and having you come along for the ride. It is my hope this inspires you to accomplish your goals with your art and if you would like to share what you are doing email me at

History of NaNoWriMo and NaPodPoMo

NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month began in 1999 as a daunting but straightforward challenge: to write 50,000 words of a novel in thirty days. Now, each year on November 1, hundreds of thousands of people around the world begin to write, determined to end the month with 50,000 words of a brand new novel. They enter the month as elementary school teachers, mechanics, or stay-at-home parents. They leave novelists.

NaPodPoMo: NaPodPoMo* is a month-long event along the same vein as National Novel Writing Month aka NaNoWriMo. The difference? Well, instead of writing a 50,000-word novel, you podcast every day for 30 days from November 1st-30th. Use any platform you desire. From full production studio to iPhone app and just about anything in between. The goal is to use the challenge of podcasting daily as a form of podcasting boot camp.

The Writing So Far

22 Nov 2021    daily count 1706 cumulative count 31857 

Carl sat down in the chair next to his brother’s hospital bed. His silent tears were showing, and he was sobbing gently. Nate reached out a hand slowly from underneath the blanket over him and tried to reach out to Carl. He grunted a bit to get Carl’s attention. Once Carl heard the noise coming from his brother he immediately stood up and grabbed Nate’s hand. Nate squeezed Carl’s hand tightly and he smiled broadly.  

“Are you in pain, I can call for a nurse,” asked Carl? 

Nate just shook his head no and squeezed harder on Carl’s hand.  

“Carmine went to go grab us some coffee, she should be back, and the doctor should be coming by soon to talk with us and let us know what’s going on. You know you are in a hospital right,” asked Carl? 

Nate nodded yes and released Carl’s hand.  

“Can you speak yet,” asked Carl? 

“Yes, but not a whole lot right now, I am exhausted, feel like I just ran a marathon or three. How long have I been here,” asked Nate? 

“I got a text from Carmine that she was taking you to the hospital and that was maybe an hour and a half ago, so I don’t think you have been here for more than an hour,” replied Carl.  

“Any word from Angela or Vince,” asked Nate? 

“Nothing yet, there was no message from Angela to me or to Cheryl. Do you think what happened to you happened to them,” asked Carl? 

“They have ways to get ahold of me, they know what to do in a situation like this,” replied Nate. 

“Myra had a nightmare about the three of you and she was telling us about it. She saw herself in your office with Vince and Angela and an old man walked in and took you three into the office, there was yelling and then the old man walked out, and she found you three on the floor unable to talk and in pain,” said Carl.  

“Well, if what happened to me happened to Angela and Vince then I need to alert my B team to check in on them. Can you grab my phone so I can message them,” asked Nate? 

Carl went through Nate’s personal belongings and handed Nate his phone. Just then the doctor came into the room.  

“Good evening, Nate, I am Dr Ferris, how are you feeling,” asked Dr Ferris? 

“I am doing better than when I got in here, this is my little brother Carl, my wife went out to grab some coffee for them. Do we know what happened,” replied Nate? 

“Well not really, your vitals all check out fine, but I want you to stay here for observation and I am ordering an MRI for you so we can see if there was any internal damage to your brain or heart. Has this happened in the past,” asked Dr Ferris? 

“No, I do work long hours and my wife would say that something like this was bound to happen sooner rather than later,” replied Nate. 

“It could be exhaustion, but I’d still like to take a peek inside and see if there was any damage done and what caused this episode. How about family history of something like this,” asked Dr. Ferris? 

“I have a brain tumor that causes episodes similar to this. I am considered terminal but everything my docs have told me it is not hereditary,” replied Carl. 

“Depending on the type of tumor you have, it may be hereditary, we will take a look and see if there is anything like that going on,” replied Dr Ferris. Carmine came into the room with two coffees and handed one to Carl.  

“Hello Dr, I am Carmine, Nate’s wife, how is he,” asked Carmine? 

“Yes ma’am, well we aren’t sure what caused this yet. I understand you found him on the floor, and he was unable to talk. How long was he unable to talk,” asked Dr Ferris? 

“Well, when I found him until about twenty minutes ago, he wasn’t able to talk. He looked like he was in pain, and we got him over here as quickly as possible,” replied Carmine.  

“Did he lose consciousness at all,” asked Dr Ferris? 

“Not that I could tell, he just couldn’t talk and looked like he was in pain,” replied Carmine.  

“Well, that is actually a good sign. Has he been under a lot of stress lately,” asked Dr Ferris? 

“He has been under some stress with a new case he has taken up. I can’t talk about it since it is a private matter, but yes he has been stressed out about this new case,” replied Carmine.  

“It could be from the new case then. I am going to keep him overnight and we will do an MRI to see what is going on inside him. Is he claustrophobic and does he have any implants,” asked Dr. Ferris? 

“No, he should be fine and no implants,” replied Carmine.  

“I’ve never had an MRI before, Carl is the expert on MRI’s he gets them every other week it seems,” said Nate. 

“They put you in a tube, I’d recommend asking for headphones because it gets loud in there and it is a tight fit. Make sure they play some relaxing music. It’s like those old snow forts we used to build when we were kids,” replied Carl.  

“I should be fine Dr Ferris, I’ve never had claustrophobia before,” replied Nate.  

“Okay good, the nurses will be back here in a few minutes, and they will take you back to radiology. MRI’s usually take about an hour to an hour and a half. Sinc this is your first time I am going to recommend a sedative to help you out. Any allergies to medicine,” asked Dr Ferris? 

“No allergies, I guess I just need to sit back and relax like my wife always says,” said Nate. 

“I always recommend husbands listen to their wives and take their advice, I am sure you will be fine, and this is probably due to exhaustion, but we just want to be sure that this is a one-time event, do you have any questions for me,” asked Dr Ferris? 

“Nope I think I’ll just enjoy a nice quiet night here at the hospital,” said Nate. Dr Ferris left the room and Carmine and Carl drank their coffees. 

“This stuff is terrible,” said carmine almost spitting out her coffee.  

“Hence why I hate hospitals. They may know the inner workings of the human body but they have no idea on how to make a decent cup of joe,” replied Carl.   

Nate messaged his B team to check in on Angela and Vince and handed his phone back to Carl. “I let me team know where I am at and to get ahold of you when they find out what happened with Angela and Vince,” said Nate. 

“Wait, why are we talking about Angela and Vince,” asked Carmine? 

“They haven’t checked in and we suspect the same thing that happened to me happened to them,” replied Nate? 

“So, is this a food allergy or poisoning or something like that,” asked Carmine? 

“Something like that. We don’t know and I just activated my B team to find out their condition and why they haven’t checked in,” said Nate. 

“Did you listen to the doctor; this is probably from exhaustion and if you keep going this speed it might happen again. I’ve told you a million times to slow down. No one has the energy for your eighty-hour weeks,” said Carmine.  

“Once this case is at a good place I can slow down, but until then I am still on the clock. How are the kids doing,” asked Nate? 

“I am going to head back to your house and check on them but knowing how you raised them they should be fine,” said Carl.  

“Dear make sure he has the code to get into the house, I changed it from the last time he had the code. Okay tonight I will rest after the MRI but tomorrow we are back on this case. Does that get me out of the doghouse for at least a day,” asked Nate? 

“We will talk about that later,” said Carmine in a perturbed tone. “Carl let me walk you to the entrance and I can give you the code on the way to the front.” 

“Take care old man and get some rest tonight, we will get this all figured out. I am glad you are feeling better, and I’ll leave right now to check on the kids,” said Carl as Carmine pulled him out the door.  

As Carl followed Carmine, she stopped at the nurse’s desk, “I am taking my little brother to the front and then I will be back for my husband in room seventy-two. I know he is about to go into an MRI, and I want to be there before you all take him.”  

“We were just about to take him in a few minutes, but we will wait until you get back, no worries,” said the nurse at the desk.  

Carmine dragged Carl to the front entrance after that exchange. “Here is the code, I need you to talk some sense into Nate, he is working way to hard, and we need him to be around for a long time. I love that man with all my heart, and this really shook me, I have never seen him so weak and helpless and neither have the kids, help us out and get this case done quickly okay. I know it’s important to him because you are involved.” 

“I will do what I can. I am sorry for bringing him into this, has he told you what is going on,” asked Carl? 

“Bits and pieces like he usually does, all I know is that you and Cheryl are going to get together and take care of this little girl. In order for us to help you, Nate has to be in top form and as you can see, he is not his usual self right now. Just get this thing done quickly okay,” asked Carmine? 

Reaching Out

To reach out to me, email I would love to hear about your journey and what you are working on. If you would like to be on the show or have me discuss a topic that is giving you trouble write in and lets start that conversation.

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