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Self Published Books

Throwing Myself At The Ground And Missing

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Available on Lulu.Com

My first book of poetry published back in 2007. This was my first attempt and one of my favorite books. You can pick up the hard copy here or if you prefer a digital copy here. These poems are very special to me and have been read in various coffee shops and bars all across the country.

Postcards From Someone You Don’t Know

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My second book of poetry where I was experimenting with different styles, mainly columns, although there are a few that buck the overall format of the book. You can pick up the printed version here or if you prefer a digital version here.

Wisdom From The Sack

Available on Amazon Both Print and Kindle

The third book of poetry with illustrations. This book was written in Chicago when I was staying on a beanbag in a friend’s apartment. I would write poetry and give wisdom from that sack. You can pick up the b/w print version here and the kindle version here.

Shaving Crop Circles In my Chest Hair

Available on Amazon

The fourth book of poetry, this one was inspired by the challenge of writing a poem based on the word of the day. The word was derived from a WordPress site I followed and was written in Fredericksburg Va. Yes that is a picture of my chest hair, no I do not shave crop circles in it anymore. You can pick up a print copy here or a digital copy here.


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Create Art Podcast Swag

What is a podcast without swag. At my TeePublic site you will find hats, stickers, notebooks, hoodies, and a lot more. Give it a look and put some CAP on your chest, head or laptop. Support your head instigator by wearing merch from my store and thanks.

Original Artwork

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RedBubble Art Gallery

Have a peek at what I have been painting for many years. These are reprints of original artwork composed by your truly. Drop-in my RedBubble Store and put some artwork on your walls, shirts, or whatever moves you.