Day 11 #NaPoWriMo

Our optional prompt for the day is based on the concept of the language of flowers. Have you ever heard, for example, that yellow roses stand for friendship, white roses for innocence, and red roses for love? Well, there are as many potential meanings for flowers as there are flowers. The Victorians were particularly ga-ga for giving each other bouquets that were essentially decoder-rings of meaning. For today, I challenge you to write a poem in which one or more flowers take on specific meanings. And if you’re having trouble getting started, why not take a gander at this glossary of flower meanings? (You can find a plain-text version here). Feel free to make use of these existing meanings, or make up your own.

Messages from the ground

11 April 20 0706


My mother enjoyed nothing more than a field of daisies

And my wife ensured each year we’d have some to remember

But as the years pile up

I’m discovering that the innocence

A child’s memories of their mother

Fade in the bitter coldness

Of the reality that comes with knowledge

Being chased with knives

Beatings for minor infractions

trips to the visitation room

Sneaking smoke breaks at the hospital

Dealing with her delusions

This year I hope my wife’s lack of a green thumb wins out

And they wont bloom


Her love wasn’t perfect,

It was the only love she could give

Tulips were her weakness

And her the love she wanted was hopeless

I brought her the useless love I had

And then I brought it again a decade later when she was hopeless

When I think there is no more love to share, tulips appear, her smile returns and we are renewed


The first spring they rose from the frost

A surprise, they broke through

Provided the color to the grey world

The yellow petals were the daily sunshine for weeks, nothing else blossomed as quickly

The daffodils only last for a month, maybe two

But they herald spring, they are the first and most regal

None compete with them, and then they fade as quickly

To return next year

To be the first and only adored.

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