Day 25 #NaPoWriMo

Write a poem every day of April with the 2020 April Poem-A-Day Challenge. Write a six words poem.
For today’s prompt, write a poem that uses the following six words:bump, embrace, fixture, howl, lonely, resolve

The Game

25 April 20


Isn’t always a Saturday night

When you’re on the couch, a bump and nothing more

Trips to the bar to embrace the lurking beast turn into disappointing remind err re that you posses the charm of a light fixture

When all you want to do us let that animal side free, let it howl until the morning light

But the one at the bar that subconsciously promises release us more lonely than you are

So you go out the next weekend

With the same resolve

Only ending up more lonely than the week before

But maybe you do get lucky one night, and someone comes back with you

Only to howl in fear as they are bitten by the bedbugs you tried to forget

And yet they stay, get dressed, start to move the furniture around

Turning on lamps and moving the curtains around

They help you tame the bugs and become a fixture in your life

When all you wanted was someone to embrace while making it through the night

And when they finally leave for the second time,

You realize they were just a bump that is soon forgotten

And should have never been picked up

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