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Interview Memoir as art

Telling Our Story: Samuel Moore-Sobel interview on his recent memoir

Book Cover for Can You See My Scars
Can You See My Scars

Thank you for joining us here at Create Art Podcast, I am Timothy Kimo Brien your head instigator with over 20 years in the arts and education helping you to tame your inner critic and create more than you consume. Today we have Samuel Moore-Sobel talking with us about his newest memoir Can You See My Scars. To listen to other episodes make sure to subscribe to your podcast app of choice or click here to view all of our other episodes.

Imagine if you will experiencing a traumatic event early in life and how that might affect you as you struggle through entering high school. Samuel recounts this event and the outcomes from suffering burns to his face and arms. This is a harrowing tale of not just overcoming but finding purpose in life. Samuel is an author, journalist and pubic speaker who describes in his book about his traumatic event and uses the art of memoir to show us all the power of resiliency and endurance.

Topics Discussed

  • The Power of words
  • Most enlightening experience while writing the memoir
  • Learning about himself after writing the memoir
  • The best piece of advice
  • One piece of advice for listeners before writing their memoir
  • Sharing your story in person vs Zoon
  • The effort required to promote a memoir
  • One thing that would surprise readers
  • How does Samuel Create More Than He Consumes?
  • Overcoming self-doubt
  • Scars as a form of art

Copy of the book and important websites mentioned

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2 thoughts on “Interview Memoir as art”

  1. Young man, I definitely have an understanding of being burned. You have my utmost respect for surviving burns. It’s indescribable. Bless your heart. Thanks for your story.
    Pete Bosshart, Tim’s older, smaller brother.

    1. Thank you big bro for listening in. I immediately thought of you when he approached me for an interview. Glad you got something out of it and I hope you two connect up. You sir have wisdom I have always admired.

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