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Making Fun A Habit Series

30 days to add fun into your creative practice. I will be going through Mike Brennan’s Make Fun A Habit workbook and help you make fun a habit. I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike on my other podcast Find A Podcast About and talking about his podcast Creative Chats. This workbook leads you through steps to rekindle the fun in your life and get you in a space where you are your most creative. This is a 30 day book and I will be tackling each day as if it were a week and providing you insights on how you can use his ideas in your creative practice. Each chapter is broken up with a short story, questions to ponder, action items and tips.


Sometimes you need to change your environment from the usual. Instead of going to the same stores and coffee shops, try someplace new. instead of using the same old tried and true places where you get inspiration from, find new places and see what happens. When you go exploring outside of your back yard or usual waterhole, you find new things to discover that are in your back yard and you increase the size of it.

Question to ponder

  • What can a change in your environment look like?
  • What is the objection that arises immediately? Why?
  • How can you address this concern and still move forward?
  • What was the best trip you have been on? What made it the best?
  • Where have you always wanted to travel and haven’t gone yet?

Action item: Embark on a weekend exploration. Look up interesting places on Google near you that you can explore.


  • Be open to new experiences
  • Be social
  • Take your time
  • Be present

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