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Interview Discussing Abstract Art with Grey Coutts

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How this interview happened

Some people ask me how I get these great guests to appear on my podcast, well the secret is PodMatch. This site is where podcasters and guests go to find each other. Grey had messaged me a while ago and when I saw he was into abstract art immediately I knew I needed him on the show. His experience in abstract art and the projects he is pursuing with Energy Portraits are astounding. I definitely wanted to hear his thoughts about abstract art and was really intrigued by his energy portraits as they seem to be similar to tarot reading for me.

Grey Coutts Bio

Grey Coutts is a Los Angeles-based artist who explores spirituality through his work. Initially, he stumbled into art as a means of self-discovery through experimentation and curiosity. In 2013, he earned a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, unaware of the artistic potential that lay ahead. His interest in abstract paintings sparked a fascination with the inexplicable images he saw, which pulled him towards creative expression.

Coutts is renowned for his use of vivid colors and abstract paintings. He is also a Creative Director in the music industry, employing acrylic, spray paint, and collage materials to create his signature style of “the drip,” which harnesses the force of gravity.

In his artwork, Coutts taps into the flow of creative energy to produce unique, emotionally expressive pieces. He infuses his creations with energy and emotion, representing the inner workings of the soul and the journey of individuals through time and space. His use of color and intense marking reflects the energy surrounding him and others daily.

Recently, Coutts has integrated his spiritual studies with his client work, creating “Energy Portraits” that capture the essence of the client by tuning into their energy. Coutts resides in Hollywood, CA, where he continues to experience life and create art.

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