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Exploring the Art of Elegy

Today, we embark on a profound artistic journey as we delve into the world of elegy. Elegy, often associated with poetry and music, is a creative form that allows artists to express their emotions, pay tribute, and explore the depths of human experiences. My wife gave me a box of cards for the holidays in 2022. I was puzzled because they were creativity cards and I thought, what the heck is this, I don’t need them. Well, folks, I was wrong and I will attempt to do a card a week and record an episode about how I am utilizing the card I draw every week if you decide to pick up a deck and do these let me know.

Links on Elegy

Points to Consider

  • Emotional Catharsis:
  • Memorialization
  • Universal Themes

The Kernal of Elegy

Elegize a departed person, or reflect on a poignant event from the past.

Elegy Definitions

Elegy : a sad poem or song, especially remembering someone who has died or something in the past, a sad poem or song, esp. remembering someone who has died or something in the past. Source Cambridge Dictionary

Elegy Challenge

  • Experiment with elegy to honor someone from your personal history, someone famous, or perhaps someone who the world needs to know better.
  • Find a distinctive way to pay tribute to apoingant or earth-shattering event from the past.
  • Refelct on the profound opportunities and occasions elegies provide for humankind.

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