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Writing and podcasting a novel 25 Nov 2020

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Welcome friend to Create Art Podcast where we create more than we consume. I am Timothy Kimo Brien your thankful head instigator with over 20 years in arts and education helping you tame your inner critic and provide you with commentary, interviews, discussions, and projects that will inspire you to create art. This month I will be podcasting daily and writing a novel in 30 days. I am participating in NaPodPoMo and NaNoWriMo. You will be able to listen to what I wrote for the day and read it at the same time. I like to practice what I preach when it comes to art so I am challenging myself to write and having you come along for the ride. I hope this inspires you to accomplish your goals with your art and if you would like to share what you are doing email me at

The Story So Far

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                “So, what is this book that Myra is talking about, she had a book yesterday and the other day at the coffee shop that she was reading, but I didn’t get a good look at it,” asked Carl?

                “Well I am writing a book for kids that discusses the adoption process in a way they can understand that is age appropriate. The problem is I haven’t published it yet and my goal was to give it to kids I worked with for free and sell it to the public at large,” replied Angela.

                “So the inscription I the book,” asked Carl?

                “Is my handwriting and it would be something I would write in a book, if I had published a book and handed it out to a child client. How did she get that,” asked Angela?

                “The same way she got the adoption papers with my signature on it. I know you and Nate are going to go over what I told him after you leave here. I am very freaked out about all of this. Have you ever encountered anything like this happening,” Carl asked?

                “Never in my time as a lawyer have I seen anything like this, I mean yeah I have seen kids trained on how to forge a signature, but if this girl has been coached, she has been very well coached. She totally believes what she is saying and well she is right about details that no one would know. Nate briefed me on what happened, but I’d like your take on this very quickly,” asked Angela.

                “Okay, it is not a short story at all, even though this whole thing started yesterday about this time. Before I tell you anything, am I in any danger that you can tell, is this girl going to knife me in my sleep,” asked Carl?

                “I doubt it, she really seems to have warmed up to you. In her mind she has had over a year to do that, in reality it has been a day. I have done overseen several custody cases and adoptions and I have never seen a child move so fast to an adopted parent. I don’t think you are in any danger, but I don’t know the motivation of Myra or her father,” said Angela.

                “I understand, so yesterday her dad left her at the coffee shop, we took her home. We read the instructions in the diary and that was about it yesterday. This morning at 5:30 she gets up and calls me Papa, that is when things started getting strange. Then she told me about the adoption and birth certificate which was not in the diary last night. She also told me about Nate’s kids which there is no way of her knowing about them and how you helped out with the adoption last year. She also talked about the book you gave her during the adoption process and here we are. Nate is going to get n investigator from your firm to look up Myra and try to find her father, but there is a problem, the diary is cursed and that curse has now spread to Cheryl and myself. I can’t let you guys read the information in it otherwise something bad will happen to me, Cheryl and possibly anyone who tries to find out more about the diary and its contents,” said Carl.

                “So we are really stuck in a catch-22, the information is there to help us but if we access it then something bad happens. I am not a superstitious person, but from what just transpired here I am beginning to be wary of that diary and what it entails. Nate told me a bit about your physical condition, how are you holding up,” asked Angela?

                “I am okay, sleep is always a problem with me but I am used to that. I am terminal with regards to my brain tumor and it will severely impact e at some point. I  was divorced and am on good terms with my ex, but as far as someone taking care of me when the time comes, that would be Nate and now possibly Cheryl,” replied Carl.

                “Okay, how about your will, I haven’t seen it, but I am sure Nate has you air tight on that aspect,” asked Angela?

                “Yeah that is all good to go, but now I think I am going to need to amend it to include Myra and Cheryl. I’ve known Cheryl for a few years now and she is into this as deep as I am with regards to Myra so she may become a player in this soon. We haven’t really talked about it since all this happened yesterday,” replied Carl.

                “I am going to need some time with Cheryl and who has the adoption paperwork and birth certificate, I am going to need to pour through those,” asked Angela?

                “Nate took them just now so I am sure he will go ahead and get you read up on those when you guys leave. Anything I should do right now for Myra to get her set up for school, doctor stuff” asked Carl?

                “I need to review those documents first, then we can go from there. Right now, just document everything that happens that is out of the ordinary. I know before you even say anything everything is out of the ordinary. Just do your best to document. We will get to the bottom of this, but we need you to stay healthy and sharp okay. Think about a plan for care for Myra in case you can’t care for her or need to take time off,” said Angela.

                Nate knocked on the front door and Carl jumped up from the table to answer it. He didn’t need to look through the peep hole because he could hear Nate and Myra talking behind the door.

                “You were very helpful Myra, thank you so much, now go ahead to your bedroom and put your new toys away. Put the clothes that don’t fit into the bad neatly and let me know when you are done okay, “said Nate. Myra headed to her bedroom with a bag full of toys and Nate looked at Angela. “Did you two get a chance to talk,” asked Nate to Angela?

                “Yes, you have the paperwork secured,” asked Angela?

                “In my case locked up and ready to work on. Made a copy with my phone and have them emailed to you, me and our secured server. Got the confirmation receipt from our contractor and a copy went to Vince, he will start the investigation,” replied Nate.

                “Uh, this sounds like you guys have done this before,” asked Carl?

                “Simple protocol. We get a document; we want to ensure that it doesn’t get lost and we have easy access to it. Angela and I will go over the paperwork and when you come over tomorrow, we will let you know our thoughts. We might have something from Vince although I  would not count on it especially if this is a very intricate set up. I have a few friends over with the police that can put a special patrol in your neighborhood. That might discourage anyone from peeking in and trying to get some information or manufacturing a false narrative, said Nate.

                “All this from trying to help out a kid. I don’t want to live under police protection,” replied Carl.

                “Its not protection its deterrent. Remember no good deed goes unpunished. Myra and I are going to load up my car, I will run her fingerprints and DNA and we should get some results back in a few days,” said Nate.

                “Her DNA, fingerprints, how did you get that,” asked Carl?

                “Carl, I have been in this business for years. Do we ever talk about how I get my job done? There is a beautiful term called plausible deniability. For you ignorance is bliss and just go with that for right now,’ Nate stopped quickly as Myra exited her bedroom with the bag that contained the clothes that didn’t fit. “Ahh Myra, you did a great job getting those clothes in the bag, lets go ahead and put them in my car and then you and Papa can go ahead and have the rest of the day to have a good time. Maybe he will take you out for pizza and a frozen yogurt or to the mall and you both can shop around for something nice since you have been a great helper today to Angela and me,” asked Nate?

                “Great talking with you Myra and thanks for reminding me about the book I gave you, I hope you really enjoy it. I’ll see you tomorrow and we can talk more if you like, how about I bring something special for you, what would you like,” asked Angela?

                “Do you have any more law books for kids, I really enjoy reading those and learning. I want to be a doctor, but I like learning about law and helping people like you do,” replied Myra.

                “I think I have just what you are looking for around my house, I’ll bring it tomorrow and I may have a book on medicine for kids that may be great to read. Take care of your Papa today, make sure he gets to bed early tonight alright,” replied Angela.

                “I will Angie, love you Uncle Nate see you tomorrow,” said Myra as she waved to both Nate ad Angela as they went through the front door. “Papa are we really getting pizza and frozen yogurt today, is that why you were so forgetful?”

                “I knew you were going to be such a good helper today that I had planned on taking you out today and making it a special day for the both of us. Why don’t you get ready to go out and after we eat we can go to the mall and walk around. By the time we get back I am sure Cheryl will be here where treat for you,” said Carl.

                Myra squealed with delight and headed to her bedroom to change. Carl texted Cheryl their plans and gave her an approximate time they would be back at his apartment. He put a note in his phone to make another key for Cheryl to come and go as she pleased and texted her that he was getting her a key made for the apartment. She texted back ‘are you sure?’ and he replied yes.

                Carl went to his room and changed into some blue jeans and a t-shirt. He looked at his face in his dressing mirror and saw that he had not shaved in three days. The stubble was more pronounced than usual, and he liked the look that it gave him.

                “Papa I am ready,” said Myra standing near the front door.

                “Okay, I’ll be out in one minute,” replied Carl. He looked at his face one more time. “You can do this,” he said audibly to himself. 

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