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Writing and podcasting a novel 19 Nov 2020

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Welcome friend to Create Art Podcast where we create more than we consume. I am Timothy Kimo Brien your thankful head instigator with over 20 years in arts and education helping you tame your inner critic and provide you with commentary, interviews, discussions, and projects that will inspire you to create art. This month I will be podcasting daily and writing a novel in 30 days. I am participating in NaPodPoMo and NaNoWriMo. You will be able to listen to what I wrote for the day and read it at the same time. I like to practice what I preach when it comes to art so I am challenging myself to write and having you come along for the ride. I hope this inspires you to accomplish your goals with your art and if you would like to share what you are doing email me at

The Story So Far

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                After a few minutes Cheryl appeared from his bedroom in a fleece pajama set and sat down next to him at the kitchen table. The listened silently as Myra showered. Cheryl smiled at Carl drinking his coffee.

                “So, aren’t you going to join our pajama party or do you sleep in the buff,” asked Cheryl?

                “Yeah I should get ready for bed shouldn’t I? I am going through the diary tonight, care to join me or are you going to hit the sack early,” asked Carl?

                “I plan to stay up a bit since this is a new place. I think the only person getting much sleep tonight will be Myra. I’ll keep an ear out for her tonight if she needs anything,” replied Cheryl.

                Carl got up and went to his bedroom. He picked out some sweatpants and a t-shirt and changed into them. He grabbed one of the pillows off his bed and a blanket and took them to the couch in the living room. He turned on the music channel on the TV that played soft jazz and lowered the sound so that it conversations could be audible but not overpowered. He grabbed the diary and set that on the kitchen table. He went back to his office and grabbed a legal pad and pens and took them to the kitchen table.

                “Well, we got our work cut out for us tonight. I do snore, or so I have been old by my ex-wife and former girlfriends, so I’ll leave the music on tonight, plus music helps me sleep. I am usually up at five or six in the morning so I can make breakfast for everyone in the morning. How does cheese omelets strike you,” Carl asked?

                “Probably better than the ones we make at the shop. I have a midday shift tomorrow so I will probably blast out of here at eight to go back to my apartment and do you mind if I shower here in the morning,” asked Cheryl?

                “Yeah I have towels in the linen closet, enough for everyone right now. Should I plan on you moving in anytime soon? I can rearrange my office and make that into a bedroom,” asked Carl?

                “Slow down tiger, we haven’t gotten that far into this yet. Let’s sleep on it. I snore too so you may want to invest in noise cancelling ear plugs. We can see how this goes for awhile and where we want to end up. This is a nice apartment complex though and I think the grade school is nearby. We are going to need to get her enrolled very soon so she can catch up and we can keep her on track. First things first, lets dive into that diary tonight to see what we can find and move from there,” replied Cheryl.

                “I guess I am getting ahead of myself aren’t I? Okay tonight we dive into the diary and tomorrow we talk with Angela and get our next steps in order. I am just reacting to being suddenly thrust into this and I want to do things right by Myra. I don’t want to put pressure on you,” said Carl as he drank more coffee.

                “Well one issue is that you are hyped up on coffee. Switch over to water after noon and you won’t be so jumpy. Myra will be done with her shower soon, once she goes down for bed we can look at the diary,” said Cheryl.

                At that Myra turned off the shower and toweled off and got into her pajamas. Her hair reached her shoulders and was quick to dry off. Once dressed in her pajamas she went to the kitchen where Carl and Cheryl were and sat down.

                “I’m done with my shower and ready for bed, I didn’t know where to put the towel and I don’t have a toothbrush so or a hairbrush. Can we buy that tomorrow,” asked Myra?

                “I have a brush you can use tonight, no worries. I knew we were starting from zero and brought an extra one in my overnight bag. Here you go,” Cheryl went to Carl’s bedroom and came back to sit down behind Myra and began brushing her damp hair. Cheryl took her time with Myra’s hair and combed out all the tangles and snarls. It didn’t take long and Myra’s hair was fuller after the brushing.

                “Thanks, my dad never did that for me,” said Myra.

                “Well most guys don’t know that you should brush your hair after a shower, they have it so easy,” joked Cheryl. “Look at Carl’s hair, can’t even run a comb through that fuzz.”

                “Okay, we have a big day tomorrow, lets get you to bed. I am leaving the bathroom light on for you in case you need it in the middle of the night. I’ll be on the couch and Cheryl will be in the other bedroom. If you need anything you can wake us up to let us know. You feeling better,” asked Carl to Myra?

                “The shower was great, yes I do feel better and tired. Thank you both so much for being so kind to me. Do you have anything to read to help me sleep,” asked Myra?

                “Well, probably nothing that you would want to read. Uhm Cheryl did you bring anything,” asked Carl?

                “Ahh, no I didn’t have anything at my house. I have an idea, since Carl likes to sleep with music on, how about we leave your door cracked open so you can listen to that while you go to sleep We can put books on the list for tomorrow,” said Cheryl.

                “That sounds good, so goodnight. Can you two come in and tuck me in,” asked Myra?

                “I thought you would never ask, sure,” Carl responded.

                All three headed into Myra’s new room. The clothes she got from Cheryl and Nate were in neat piles and Carl turned on the lamp by the bed. Myra climbed in as Cheryl and Carl took turns giving her a hug and as they left the room Myra said, “Get some sleep like Uncle Nate said.”

                Carl and Cheryl teared up a bit when Myra said that. They both turned around and gave Myra another hug, this time tighter than the first. They left her room and made sure the door was cracked open as they made their way to the kitchen. Once at the kitchen table, Carl took his seat at the head and Cheryl pulled up a chair beside him. They both looked at the diary in front of them. Carl took another drink of coffee.

                “Well I guess it is time to learn what we are dealing with here,” said Carl.

                “Before you open it, Myra told me about her mother, she died when Myra was about three. Her dad had been taking care of her since then. Right now she has essentially lost both parents so naturally she is nervous about you. Her dad never explained to her how or why her mother died, but she is definitely worried about you because she barely remembers things from that long ago, but she remembers how tired her mother was all the time and when you had your episode today, it reminded her of that. Don’t be surprised if she wakes up to check on you or to make sure we haven’t abandoned her. It’s been a hard way to start life for her,” said Cheryl sipping her coffee.

                Carl opened the book to the first page. He could tell it was a very old book, but when he began reading it softly, he was astonished. The pages were yellowed and brittle and the writing was in calligraphy that made slower to read. His eye immediately went to the list of names and dates in the second page. It went all the way back to 1734 and up to what he assumed was Myra’s fathers name. As the dates got closer to the present the calligraphy faded from the entries and turned into print and cursive. Those were easier to read, but not as dramatic. His eyes went back to the first page where he noted the opening date of the diary and a list of instructions. They read

                ‘To whomever possesses this diary, I am terribly sorry, but you are now part of the curse. Whomever gave you this book has been cursed and there is no way known to break it. You will need to find someone unknown to you to continue the chain. He chain cannot be broken. Do not try to discover the identities of those before you who have been cursed, else their tortured souls will haunt you until you go mad. Once you receive this book and open it you have one day to enter your name and the date into the ledger, before you pass this diary onto another you must close out your portion with the date that you passed it along. There can be no breakage of dates greater than one day, else the tortured souls will haunt you until you have gone mad. Do not speak of this diary to your family or associates else they will be visited by the tortured souls and be driven mad. No one will believe you and if you do tell others, they will think you mad. Follow these rules and your life will be extended but also your misery. Break these rules and your life will end horribly.’

                At this Carl looked worriedly over at Cheryl. She looked up at him with horror in her eyes.

                “So, do we continue to read, or do we shut it? It looks like we are both cursed now,” asked Carl?

                “Well, technically the book was passed to both of us, so I think we both should sign it. Looking through the names I didn’t see any females, so I’ll be the first. Besides, a curse form 1734, I mean come on, this is the twenty-first century. Let’s at least get a good augh out of this,” replied Cheryl.

                “Okay, in for a penny in for a pound, “ said Carl. 

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