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Writing and podcasting a novel 17 Nov 2020

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Welcome friend to Create Art Podcast where we create more than we consume. I am Timothy Kimo Brien your thankful head instigator with over 20 years in arts and education helping you tame your inner critic and provide you with commentary, interviews, discussions, and projects that will inspire you to create art. This month I will be podcasting daily and writing a novel in 30 days. I am participating in NaPodPoMo and NaNoWriMo. You will be able to listen to what I wrote for the day and read it at the same time. I like to practice what I preach when it comes to art so I am challenging myself to write and having you come along for the ride. I hope this inspires you to accomplish your goals with your art and if you would like to share what you are doing email me at

The Story So Far

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                Carl went to the sink and Nate sat down at the kitchen table.

                “Can I get you a drink or something to eat,” asked Carl?

                “No, I grabbed some food before I came over, when are you looking at the diary,” asked Nate?

                “Tonight, I promise, I know you and Angela need that information and I need it as well. This is really happening, I never knew how exciting it would be, but wow we had a good time at the park and watching cartoons and eating dinner,” said Carl.

                “Are you going to have Cheryl move in,” asked Nate?

                “We haven’t broached that topic, I haven’t even thought about asking her,” said Carl.

                “Just some friendly advice, she may want to get hitched and do the marriage thing. In terms of adopting Myra, that might be a good move, I don’t know your relationship with her but she is already bonding with Myra and you need to be clear about your intentions toward her and your medical condition,” said Nate. “Also, I am here to help you not Cheryl, it is a family thing because I know you, I don’t know Cheryl. I am sure she is a great person, but she is also considerably younger than you and not as established as you are. I do not want her coming back later and trying to take Myra away from you. These are things that you need to know about her intentions. Like I have said this is a full-time job on many levels. My loyalty is to you, Angela’s loyalty is to Myra, the missing piece is Cheryl. I’d like to have the two of you to meet with her early next week, maybe Monday or this weekend because Angela is prepping papers, by the way simple question, what is Myra’s last name,” asked Nate?

                “We haven’t asked her yet, I am not sure how much to poke about her father and what she has gone through, tonight I will get you some answers okay,” said Carl.

                “Listen, I can be the bad guy, I am a lawyer so I am usually the bad guy. Let me talk with her after she is done with Cheryl. I promise to be as gentle as I can, but we do need answers as we move forward,” said Nate.

                “Okay, that is fine, uhm do you need to speak with Myra alone or can we hover around,” asked Carl?

                “So, I am hearing the word we, I think hear an adoption and wedding bells in your future. Just be upfront with both about your condition, Myra’s father abandoned her, and Cheryl is not asking to be a single mother,” said Nate.

                “Myra is aware of my condition, mostly, she knows that I have an inoperable tumor in my brain and I sometimes space out, she is not aware that it is terminal. I will be open about that with her, as far as Myra is concerned, I will try to explain it to her as much as I can that is age appropriate,” replied Carl.

                “Age appropriate, I can tell you are going to binge on parenting books like crazy. I’ll bring some over this weekend for you, my little brother being a dad, to cute,” laughed Nate.

                “Excuse me I prefer the term Papa, its more intimate,” said Carl.

                “So, what do you want Myra to call you,” asked Nate?

                “I am going to let her decide, but I would prefer to be called Papa,” said Carl softly.

                “Okay Papa Carl it is, why don’t you make a pot of coffee, I feel like we will al be up for awhile tonight. Let me call Becca and tell her I will be late coming back,” said Nate.

                “How much does she know,” asked Carl?

                “Everything I do. That is the way I like to keep my household. You will figure out how you like things, but I prefer upfront and sometimes brutal honesty. It is not always easy, but I am not left wondering what people think,” said Nate.

                Carl started to put together a pot for Nate, Cheryl, and himself. He knew that it would not match what Cheryl could make, but this way he would not have to pay for it. Once the water started to warm up, he set to work on doing the dishes. Nate had stepped into the living room and sat on the couch to call his wife. Carl could not overhear what they were saying, but he could hear the warmth in Nate’s voice as he talked. He wanted aspects of what Nate had in terms of family, not the entire package as there had been rough spots, but the overall feeling of warmth sounded nice to him. Carl got the dishes done and in the drying rack as the coffee percolated and finished brewing. The familiar smell brought Cheryl out to the kitchen.

                “So, I take it you guys will be up for awhile,” asked Cheryl?

                “Yeah, Nate has some questions he wants to ask Myra and you before he leaves tonight, but yeah it could be a long one for us. Do you need to leave anytime soon, or would you like to crash out here tonight, I can couch it and you can have my room,” Carl asked?

                “I am glad you asked, yeah I would like to spend the night tonight if possible, I am off tomorrow and I can take back what doesn’t fit, we are just about done with the clothes. Nate has some fancy tastes for his kids huh, did that rub off on you,” Chery asked?

                “I am a jeans and t-shirt guy unless I am in the office, when have you seen me dress up at the coffee shop,” replied Carl.

                “It’s obvious you two are brothers, trying to be so different, give us five minutes and put some cream and sugar in my coffee, not too much,” laughed Cheryl.

                She went back into the bedroom to help Myra finish up. Carl grabbed three cups and made up Cheryl’s coffee as requested. For Nate, he just put in unrefined sugar he did not have any nondairy creamer. He set all the cups on the kitchen table and waved at Nate who was finishing up his call with his wife. Carl sat down and enjoyed the hum of activity in his apartment. Most nights it was not like this, he would come home, read, watch TV, make dinner, occasionally phone a friend, and then go to bed. Since the divorce, this had been the greatest number of people in his apartment at one time. He welcomed the change. Carl melted into his seat and closed his eyes for a moment to relax, it had been one of the most stressful days of his life, one of the most life changing.

                Nate tapped Carl on the shoulder lightly, “Hey Papa Carl, the ladies are done.” Carl woke up to seeing Myra in a new outfit standing at the head of the kitchen table with Cheryl behind her smiling ear to ear.

                “Just needed to rest my eyelids, wow that looks great Myra, was that one of Cheryl’s picks,: asked Carl?

                “It was one of Uncle Nate’s clothes, “said Myra. “Is that okay if I call you Uncle Nate?”

                “Yes you can, and that looks wonderful Myra, thank you Cheryl for helping her out and for sorting all the clothes. Myra, can I borrow you for a few minutes, I did have some questions I needed to ask if you don’t mind,” Nate asked?

                “Cheryl lets grab our coffee and head to the deck, Myra we will be right outside, you will be able to see us okay,” said Carl.

                “Okay,” replied Myra.

                Cheryl picked up her coffee and tested it, she went to the fridge and poured more milk into her coffee, sipped it again and put the milk back into the fridge. “One day you are going to learn how to make a proper evening coffee,” said Cheryl.

                “I already do, just like my morning coffee, black as my soul,” joked Carl. They headed to the porch with their coffees and sat n the chairs facing the parking lot as the sun was dipping below the roofline of the complex across the lot. It was still light enough not to turn on the porch lights. Carl melted back into his chair and put his feet up on the railing.

                “So, she told me you had another episode at the park,” said Cheryl.

                “Wait what, she doesn’t know about my tumor stuff,” said Carl.

                “No, but she is very observant, most nine-year-old girls are, especially her. She knows something is up with you and she is not buying the excuse of you haven’t gotten out in a long time and where just winded,” said Cheryl.

                “I’m not going to tackle that today, she has been through enough. I do want to be fully transparent with you though on my health. I have an inoperable tumor in my brain. My doctor is recommending chemo therapy at the beginning of the year to extend my life and I have ot bought into that idea yet until today,” said Carl.

                “Oh my god I had no idea, how bad is it,” asked Cheryl?

                “Well the chemo treatment may give me more time, but the cost will be I will be physically weak for a month or two and they are not sure how much time that gets me. Maybe a year, maybe six months or maybe nothing at all. The tumor is slowly growing and has been for the past three years. It’s one of the reasons my marriage ended because I didn’t want to be aggressive with it, my ex wanted me to try everything to extend my life but the options to do that were not attractive to me. There will be loss of hair, nausea and vomiting and I will be basically useless while in chemo. I just am not ready to do that, but with this new responsibility,” replied Carl.

                “I am so sorry I dragged you into this, if I had known I would have said nothing,” said Cheryl with tears forming in her eyes.

                “Well I didn’t share that with you and what would have happened to Myra if you knew. Her dad may not have dumped her off at this coffee shop, she could have ended up in a worse situation. I had a slight episode today with her, but it was manageable. I think it was due from the stress of today, but this is all conjecture, I do not have a PhD in this stuff and before you ask, yes I am getting an MRI in a few weeks. I can do most of my work from home so I can be here for Myra. I just wanted you to know what my situation is so you are fully informed on any decision you are thinking about making, I am not usually this open with most people as I am sure you can guess why. I just don’t want a repeat of my failed marriage,” said Carl. 

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