Create Art Podcast Podcast Episodes Project End of 2023 Review

Project End of 2023 Review

Brushstrokes of Success: Create Art Podcast’s End-of-Year Review

As the year draws to a close, we at Create Art Podcast take a moment to reflect on the canvas of 2023, adorned with vibrant strokes of creativity, insightful conversations, and the unwavering support of our incredible listeners. Join us on this journey as we recap the highlights, express gratitude, and unveil the palette of possibilities for the coming year.

A Mosaic of Memorable Episodes:

The heart of Create Art Podcast lies in the diverse range of episodes that graced our airwaves throughout the year. From intimate conversations with renowned artists to kick start creativity prompts, each episode contributed to the rich tapestry of artistic expression.

We celebrated our 250th episode milestone, a testament to the passion and dedication of our guests, team, and, most importantly, our listeners. Thank you for being part of this creative odyssey!

Connecting with Artists Worldwide:

Grey Coutts Interview

Ashton Rodenheiser Interview

Peter Dazeley Interview

Elizabeth Mikotowicz Interview

Emi Ferguson Interview

Gratitude and Reflection:

Thank You, Artists and Listeners:

To the artists who shared their journeys, vulnerabilities, and wisdom on our podcast, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your stories have inspired countless listeners and added depth to the artistic narrative. To our listeners, thank you for your unwavering support, feedback, and enthusiasm. Your engagement fuels our passion for creating meaningful content.

Lessons Learned and Growth:

Reflecting on the past year, we acknowledge the lessons learned and the growth experienced. Each challenge was a stroke of learning, each success a vibrant hue on the canvas of our podcasting journey. We are committed to continuous improvement and evolving to meet the artistic appetites of our audience.

Looking Forward:

Setting the Easel for 2024:

As we stand at the threshold of a new year, we eagerly anticipate the blank canvas that is 2024. Create Art Podcast is poised to bring you more compelling interviews, captivating stories, and explorations into the ever-evolving world of art. Stay tuned for exciting collaborations, fresh perspectives, and surprises that will add new dimensions to your artistic experience.

Your Canvas, Your Voice:

Create Art Podcast is not just my canvas; it’s yours too. I invite you, our listeners, to share your thoughts, suggestions, and artistic journeys. Your voice shapes the narrative of our podcast, and we look forward to creating art together in the coming year.


As I conclude this end-of-year review, I extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been part of the Create Art Podcast family. Your passion for art fuels our creative endeavors, and we can’t wait to embark on another year of artistic exploration with you.

Wishing you a vibrant and creative new year!

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