Create Art Podcast NaPoWriMo 2024 National Poetry Writing Month Day 4

National Poetry Writing Month Day 4

What is National Poetry Writing Month?

Welcome, art enthusiasts and wordsmiths alike, to another episode of Create Art Podcast! We are diving headfirst into the enchanting world of poetry as we celebrate National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo). This annual event, which takes place every April, encourages poets and aspiring writers around the globe to embrace their creativity and commit to writing a poem each day for the entire month.

The Beauty of National Poetry Writing Month:
NaPoWriMo, similar to its prose-centric counterpart National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), is a celebration of the written word and the boundless creativity that can flow when one dedicates themselves to a daily practice. Poets of all levels of expertise are invited to take part, from seasoned wordsmiths to those just dipping their toes into the vast ocean of verse.

Create Art Podcast has always been a haven for artists to share their creative processes, and NaPoWriMo offers a unique opportunity for poets to reflect on their craft. With a daily commitment to producing poetry, participants discover new facets of their writing style, experiment with various forms, and explore uncharted emotional territories.

Prompt for today

 prompt for the day challenges you to write a poem in which you take your title or some language/ideas from The Strangest Things in the World. First published in 1958, the book gives shortish descriptions of odd natural phenomena, and is notable for both its author’s turn of phrase and intermittently dubious facts. Perhaps you will be inspired by the “The Self-Perpetuating Sponge” or “The World’s Biggest Sneeze.” Or maybe the quirky descriptions of luminous plants, monstrous bears, or the language of ravens will give you inspiration.

Poem for Today

The Sleeping Habits of Mammals 

4 April 24 

Sleek, silent, soft and deadly 

The one-eyed ninja rests on my side of the bed 

Peering out to see who is coming 

Through her one cloudy eye 

The other eternally removed 

I’ve always liked cat 

That others would find challenging 

And this tiny creature 

Who holds her own against impossible odds 

Reminds me that no matter our frailties 

She can hold her own 

Last night she laid upon me 

Feeling her weight like a blanket 

She calmed my nerves 

And made sure I slept deeply 

Fluffy, crying out in the night from loneliness 

Boots slowly trots to her feeding bowl 

When I wake in the morning  

You come to my side and pet my arm for me to pet you 

You groom my fingers and hand to catch the fur that is coming off 

And then you slowly trot to the huge stuffed bear next to the window and watch the days pass by 

I can hear your breathing 

And a few snores 

When I approach  

Your eyes lazily look towards me 

Interrupting your beauty sleep 

But you need none, you are a beautiful and graceful creature 

When you have a bad dream, I can expect you cuddled up next to me in bed 

But usually, you prefer to sleep alone 

In the big living room where you roam and inspect everything 

You tolerate my amazement of your cathood stature 

And you tolerate my astonishment at your cattoesis 

Stay in my lap sweet one 

Until your last days 

And let me comfort you in your old age 

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