Create Art Podcast NaPoWriMo 2024 National Poetry Writing Month Day 15

National Poetry Writing Month Day 15

What is National Poetry Writing Month?

Welcome, art enthusiasts and wordsmiths alike, to another episode of Create Art Podcast! We are diving headfirst into the enchanting world of poetry as we celebrate National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo). This annual event, which takes place every April, encourages poets and aspiring writers around the globe to embrace their creativity and commit to writing a poem each day for the entire month.

The Beauty of National Poetry Writing Month:
NaPoWriMo, similar to its prose-centric counterpart National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), is a celebration of the written word and the boundless creativity that can flow when one dedicates themselves to a daily practice. Poets of all levels of expertise are invited to take part, from seasoned wordsmiths to those just dipping their toes into the vast ocean of verse.

Create Art Podcast has always been a haven for artists to share their creative processes, and NaPoWriMo offers a unique opportunity for poets to reflect on their craft. With a daily commitment to producing poetry, participants discover new facets of their writing style, experiment with various forms, and explore uncharted emotional territories.

Prompt for today

And now for our prompt – optional, as always! Today, we’d like to encourage you to take a look at @StampsBot, and become inspired by the wide, wonderful, and sometimes wacky world of postage stamps. For example, while it certainly makes sense that China would issue a stamp featuring a panda, it’s less clear to us why the Isle of Man should feel the need to honor 2001: A Space Odyssey in stamp form. From Romanian mushrooms to Sudanese weavers to the Marshall Islands getting far too excited over personal computing, stamps are a quasi-lyrical, quasi-bizarre look into what different cultures (or at least their postal authorities) hold dear.

And if you’re not on or able to access the @StampsBot account, fear not! You may find an inspiring stamp or two by perusing the online “International Philately” (say that three times fast) exhibit from the National Postal Museum.

Poem for Today

Self-Delivered Eulogy 

15 April 24 

It was the last album from a man who transcended what was normal 

It was his last goodbye 

No one was worthy to say the final words 

So, he said it all himself 

In a world that tried to define him 

He constantly defied expectations 

I wept on that day he left us 

And when I saw his song Lazarus on the screen 

I felt this was his end 

We won’t see another like him 

Saying that seems so passe’ 

We didn’t have much to compare him to 

Prince, yes, Hendrix possibly 

Freddy and Leonard were cut from the same cloth 

And I wept when they passed 

There was a hole that refused to be filled 

No one could console me 

No one ever will 

He was a black star in a sky full of light 

He marked his ending with one last curtain call 

Leaving us with one last goodbye 

Thise who mocked him 

And tried to take his hero status down a notch 

Were the loudest criers when he let go 

Now they have no one to scoff 

They never would have welcomed him in 

Not that he would accept the invitation 

The Chameleon King 

The Thin Prince 

He was always a step ahead 

And now he has taken the final step in life 

Which we all will take one day 

My hope is to go out as gracefully 

And being able to tell my story 

As he bravely told his 

My hope is to live my life 

As bravely as he did 

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