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Interview with Ashton Rodenheiser Graphic Notetaking

Talking with a Professional Graphic Notetaker

I use Podmatch sometimes to help me find guests or to help guests find me. Ashton reached out to me a few months ago and I was amazed with her story. Below is her bio and links to all of her important links, however, I would recommend you listen to the episode first and then go after the links. She is such a giving person and the work she crosses the lines of business and art in a great way. Don’t get me wrong she is an artist when she is doing her work for her corporate clients and she is a business person making a living for her and her family and employees/colleagues. This is the perfect marriage of art and business and one of the things I want to demonstrate in this podcast, you can own a business doing your art.

Ashton’s Bio

Ashton Rodenhiser is passionate about lifting the creative spirit in everyone that she meets. For the past seven years, she has followed her passion for helping people communicate their ideas and combined that with creativity by founding Mind’s Eye Creative Consulting. You’ll often find her with markers in hand as she’s helping bring ideas to life through graphic recording and graphic facilitation practices.
She’s worked with diverse groups, from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. It may appear as if she’s the silent illustrator in the room. In fact, she’s helping to break down complex concepts and notions into an easily understandable visual language, helping others retain more information while inspiring people to continue practicing her techniques in the world.
Over the years, she has brought close to a thousand presentations and conversations to life either on paper or digitally.
When she’s not working with clients, she’s being silly with her three young kids and husband in rural Canada.

Ashton’s Links

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