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Interview: Putting The Spirit Back In Your Art

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Recently I had the privilege of speaking with Kirsten about pantheism and using our spirituality as a source of our inspiration. I hadn’t given much thought to using the deep well of spirituality as a source of inspiration, however, after talking with Kirsten, I felt a close connection and plan on scouring the depths of my spiritual practice as a back sliding Taoist as a source of my inspiration. This interview was made possible through PodMatch and is how I get many of my guests.

Questions I posed to Kirsten

  • How did living overseas change my life? 
  • How do you approach finding guests for your show? 
  • How do you stay organized and motivated to consistently produce new episodes? 
  • How do you navigate the balance between individual expression and the collective consciousness in your artwork, given your pantheistic beliefs?
  • How do you navigate the tension between the impermanence of art and the eternal essence of nature in your creative work, given your pantheistic perspective?
  • How do you envision the role of art in fostering a deeper connection to nature and the universe, as inspired by your pantheistic beliefs?

About Kirsten Rudberg

Having grown up overseas (in both Guyana, South America as well as Lahore, Pakistan) it was only later that I understood that my childhood has dramatically shaped me in ways that I did not expect. They even have a Wiki entry for kids like me, “Third Culture Kids” and let me tell you, I fit it to a “T!” My childhood was informed by the Islamic call to prayer and my education at the American School had me playing with kids from all over the world of every color, creed and religion. When one grows up like this, is it any wonder that the world becomes enchanted? That other humans become enchanted? I am endlessly thrilled with meeting other people and getting to know who they are and what makes them tick. I find that developing relationships and building respectful community, as well as joy-filled community is essential to my being happy. I live an enchanted life and besides for being a “creative” and author, I also have an animated series on YouTube called “Murder of 2,” about two crows who sit on a line and observe humanity, as well as multiple other projects I’m working on right now. I am a panentheist, who believes that Spirit or Energy or God/Goddess exists in all I can see and not see, and that magic and miracles are real and potent. This is the gist of my podcast, Byte Sized Blessings, where I interview people of all kinds asking them about powerful moments in their lives, ones that changed them forever. I walked the Camino in 2013 and that is a story in itself…I believe in adventure, in joy, in feeding my heart with belief in other people and that eventually we will create the communities and spaces that will heal and include everyone. (at least everyone that wants to be included, because, boundaries!)

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