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Interview Asher Warren

7 Books Written by age 16

Recently I had the privilege to speak with teen writer Asher Warren. You read that headline right, he has 7 books written by age 16. Now I don’t say that to intimidate you, rather, I want to encourage you to follow your dream of writing the next great novel. Asher was a delight to speak with and is very knowledgeable when it comes to his process of writing, however, he doesn’t necessarily recommend it for everyone. He does believe as I do that everyone has a book in them.

Asher Warren Bio

Asher Robinson is a 16 year old author from San Diego, California. He started writing when he was seven. He at first started by writing a bunch of short horror stories, some of which were published (not available anymore). He took what he learned from writing short stories and he used it to write a full length novel. He wrote his first novel in 2021 and it is now published. Asher lives at home with his parents, two younger siblings, and his many pets. He enjoys a bunch of other things besides writing. He likes to watch horror movies/shows, listen to funny podcasts, and he also likes to read horror/thriller novels. Asher tends to stick to writing in the genres of horror, thriller, and drama. He likes to write in a mix of the three. His two favorite to combined are thriller and drama because he can make some compelling characters in those types of stories. Asher stands for anti bullying and likes to talk about how being a teen (especially a teen author) can be very stressful.

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