Create Art Podcast NaPoWriMo 2020 Day 7 #NaPoWriMo prompt

Day 7 #NaPoWriMo prompt

today our prompt (optional, of course) is another oldie-but-goodie: a poem based on a news article. Frankly, I understand why you might be avoiding the news lately, but this is a good opportunity to find some “weird” and poetical news stories for inspiration.

Researchers Discover Faraway Planet Where The Rain Is Made Of Iron

The Iron Tears

7 April 20 1215

Molten metallic sky

Falling, gaining heat, vaporizing

This is where the gods settle their differences

The deity who watched over this orb lost interest when his offspring were pawns in the eternal chess match between the higher lords

With none to fuel his existence

His anger was spent, and there was nothing left, not even a shell

That’s when the lesser gods encroached and used his planet for their grounds to prove their immortality

It was almost perfect, until his ethereal form found his last servant, still praying to him, beseeching his return.

The rain became iron and pulverized the immortal gathered

Burying them under miles of enchanted metal, never to hear his final yawlp

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