Day 13 #NaPoWriMo

Today, I challenge you to write a non-apology for the things you’ve stolen. Maybe it’s something as small as your sister’s hairbrush (or maybe it was your sister’s boyfriend!) Regardless, I hope this sly prompt generates some provocative verse for you.

That was me

13 April 20


I’ve taken time and emotion from you

I’ve taken your secrets and your heart to boot

I’ve taken your trust and yes perhaps your love, if that is what you call it

I’ve taken from you

And what did I give in return

Hours of tears alone that you’ll never see

Hours of conversations and promises you never meant

Hours of solitude in cross country trips only to return home, alone, without you to face as a companion

So if what I took, that you freely gave, is now being called stolen

Then yes I stole from you,

I stole things that have no tangible value

I’ve robbed you of things that have no financial value

I’ve pilfered things you held dear

But I did so because there was no lock on them

There was no sign indicating a price

There was no ink pack bursting as I left your house

You said they were mine

And now, because I’ve moved on, because I’ve taken from another, because I didn’t make you the center of my world,

You want back what I cannot give

You want me to reverse time and deny myself any chance at happiness that I’ve found

You want my whole body, soul and mind that when added up together costs less than a diner for two on the McDonald’s dollar menu.

Who is stealing from whom

Who is being unreasonable

Who cant admit they made bad choices

Who was trying to change someone into what THEY wanted, and not what the person told you they were

You said you knew me

You said you could feel me from miles away through my voice and written words

So I didn’t lie to you

I didn’t defile you

I didn’t deceive you

I just didn’t read your mind and do what you wanted

I just didn’t conform to your ideal mate

I just didn’t end my life for you

And now here we are

You want an apology

And I have nothing to confess

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