Create Art Podcast KDOI Rebroadcasts Conversations On Craft with Ashly Hutchins

Conversations On Craft with Ashly Hutchins

Talking Craft while Being Tattooed

This is a K D O I rebroadcast and that’s of my old show. KDOI Podcasting I love putting these on for you because we had some great conversations back in my old show, and it would be a shame if they just lived on my external hard drive and we didn’t get a chance to share them with you in this episode, talking with my good friend and tattoo artists, Ashley Hutchins, and we’re talking about craft, but now here’s the thing in this interview.
I’m actually getting a tattoo by her while I’m interviewing her. I’ve never done that before. I haven’t done that since. And it was a interesting time to say the least. So I hope you enjoy this and I hope you get something out of it. If you do email me and I’d love to hear from you.

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To reach out to me, email I would love to hear about your journey and what you are working on. If you would like to be on the show or have me discuss a topic that is giving you trouble write in and let’s start that conversation.

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KDOI Rebroadcast Conversations on Craft with Ashly Hutchins
Timothy: Create art podcast. K D O I rebroadcast talking craft with Ashley Hudgins. Hi there, friends. This is Timothy Kimo, Brian, your head instigator for create art podcast where I use my 20 plus years of experience in arts and education to help you tame your inner critic and create more than you consume in this episode.
This is a K D O I rebroadcast and that’s of my old show. KDOI Podcasting I love putting these on for you because we had some great conversations back in my old show, and it would be a shame if they just lived on my external hard drive and we didn’t get a chance to share them with you in this episode, talking with my good friend and tattoo artists, Ashley Hutchins, and we’re talking about craft, but now here’s the thing in this interview.
I’m actually getting a tattoo by her while I’m interviewing her. I’ve never done that before. I haven’t done that since. And it was a interesting time to say the least. So I hope you enjoy this and I hope you get something out of it. If you do email me and I’d love to hear from you.
So without further ado here is the KDOI rebroadcast. Craft with Ashley Hutchins.

Start of KDOI Intro

I am your head instigator, Timothy Kimo. Brian. This episode will focus on craft now out of all the subjects this season, this is probably the one that is the most tangible we can put our hands or witness craft in action. And maybe that’s why it’s the easiest to talk about. Perhaps it’s going to turn out to be the hardest our friends over at Merriam-Webster defined craft as skill in planning or executing dexterity and occupation or trade requiring manual dexterity, or artistic skill skill in deceiving to gain and end members of a trade.
To make or produce with a care skill or ingenuity. Now our two quotes come from gene Fowler writing is easy. You only need to stare at a blank piece of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead. And Stephen King amateurs, sit and wait for inspiration. The rest of us, just get up and go to work.
Now, gene Fowler was a writer with the Detroit post and a syndicated manager of king features. His later work included over a dozen screenplays, mostly written in the thirties, 1930s folks, not the 2030s and a number of books, including biographies and memoirs. Stephen King. Well, Hey, there we go guys, author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense science fiction, and fantasy, his books.
And this is interesting, has sold more than 350 million copies. Many of which have been made into feature films, mini series, television series, and comic books. And from what I understand, he hates most of them. Stephen King’s has published at least 58 novels, including seven under the pen name, Richard Bachman and six non-fiction books.
He’s also written about 200 short stories and most of which have been published in book collections. So obviously the question is why aren’t we discussing craft for me? This is the most concrete topic yet. It’s also a bit nebulous. Some people can fake craft with shortcuts or YouTube videos. Craft takes study craft takes doing craft takes failure and picking yourself up and pushing forward.
Craft takes vision and research about where you want to go and what you want to incorporate into your work. The two quotes, I chose really speak to me about the hard work that comes with being artistic. This stuff just doesn’t drop into our lap. We aren’t waiting for some invisible friend in the sky to give it to us, or to give us a clue about how to complete something or overcome a barrier craft is the action of getting up when you are sick and blowing chunks, getting into your space and making something happen.
When it’s the last thing in the world that you want to do, craft separates the wheat from the. It’s not meant to handcuff us. It is, it is there to help us to push through whatever blockages we may have that prevent us from creating our net from being our creative, natural selves. So, Hey, let’s get this conversation going.

Start of Interview

All right. So we are recording live here in Sesame street. We have Ms. Ashley. She has been with us third time term. First time to get the perfect score on these seven questions. I’m just saying, well, you’re the first one.
Ashly: You’re the first one
Timothy: to get
well so actually put this up on Facebook and I thought it was pretty cool. It is the sword. Oops.
Ashly: Switch with switchblades.
Timothy: it looks nice. Like it’s a sword in somebody’s
Ashly: hands. That’s how you say it’s a mouse where it would be lacrosse or
Timothy: I’m just saying we’ve got moon and of course we have skull on. It has been with us as, as per request and some lady face and a lady face. This is my, one of my first lady with you. We’ve got
the the tiger could be considered a lady. It’s on my heart. It represents, you know, my, my tiger at home. And then the minions they think they do represent the girls. So there could be women.
Ashly: I mean, honestly, any of these supposed to be,
Timothy: I have a lot of women on me.
Ashly: Okay, Polly. Now
Timothy: take a look at this. Okay. We’re not going to Facebook poll on this guy’s piece. You guys gonna do a choose what I did on my arms.
Let’s rock it out, make it happen, make some magic, right?
Yeah, it was really good when I got into her. Some young lady, I think she might’ve been 19, but she wanted to get a face of an angel or something like that. And one of your guys out there saying, okay, we’ve got to do this really big, really bad. So she was trying to get as small as she could, you know, the whole thing.
And I’m just like, oh, I get it. You want to get something small? So that way you can hide it.
Ashly: Things like portraits. Yeah. Think that faces definitely need to be a certain size. And that is also why, which has crafted us because that’s something that people it’s for the longevity of your tattoo. And not because we just are trying to talk him into doing something larger.
Exactly. So you’re going to be hidden.
Timothy: Fantastic.
Ashly: Come on. We’re here to the table.
Timothy: I mean, towards me towards, yeah, those are the second table.
Ashly: Oh yeah.
Timothy: And I’m getting a massage on Friday night, so, you know, I’m just getting all the therapy on this. Awesome.
Ashly: All right. So
Timothy: right.
Ashly: Yeah. When I was getting the Jim’s put on my tooth and she was like, put it like Monday. I’m sorry. And I was like, I do this to people every day.
Timothy: I like the idea that it’s a subordinate switchblade, even though it is a Switzerland,
Ashly: it can be whatever you want. It’s like an impression is painting. It’s it’s whatever. There
Timothy: we go. Nearly. No one says anything different. We just poke your head balls out. Like we normally do. We’re actually talking
Ashly: about
Timothy: sweet and I promise not to ask so many basic questions.
The answer to not everyone knows Ashley. Like I know actually, oh, I didn’t pay the power bill. Yeah, that was the shortest tattoo I’ve ever.
Ashly: No worries. That’s another reason why we should talk about crap. I had to learn some things that shift in your program to forget is that,
Timothy: oh no, no, we can, yeah, we can mark this as an explicit a okay. Well, I, you know, I did the one with my my nephew when I was no, we didn’t do it in Chicago. We did it over a squad cast, but you know, he was dropping the F bomb, never got the vert, so we’re good.
We just mark it as explicit and we can park.
Ashly: I was listening to . I said to my daughter, you talking about she’s like, dad, you used to have tattooed, starts describing it, dealing with the sword, a crystal ball. And I was like, that sounds sweet. And he’s like, no, I got saved. And I was like, oh,
playing. Would you just state really can hear and understand? And I was like,
Timothy: these guys are saved by somebody else.
Ashly: That’s like, fuck, it’s sweet.
Timothy: It’s like, yeah. Well ask the song, my archive it’s called up. Fuck you. I’m going up next to some nuns, you know? Yeah.
Ashly: That’s the way to do that. All right. Now.
Timothy: Now, just let everybody know Ashley’s using the painless needles, the non-permanent each. And this is her very first time tattooing this isn’t a
Ashly: very first hologram.
Timothy: This isn’t more
Ashly: So
Timothy: you’re going to families.
Ashly: All of you might say,
Timothy: well, he posted something on RVA. Podcasts was about, I’m doing a panel discussion for the galaxy. So I was like, yeah, I’m doing for that dude.
Ashly: And everybody was talking to me, not talking to you about
Timothy: talking to me, talking to you. We’re talking about everybody, but no, I’ve been trying to hook up with him for awhile.
Kind of get like a meetup down here, somebody podcasts, that
sort of stuff. Okay. Fantastic. Well, I was going to let you get a little bit warmed up in there. You’re good. All right. So let’s see here, let’s start off with something basic. So like I know for me, you know, podcasting, I got into in like 2006, I had no idea what I was doing had no no apprenticeship or anything like that.
And I seem to recall in college, you getting the sense too? That was on your neck, wasn’t it? It was your shoulder. Okay. Geometrical.
And so when was that bars or how did that hit you of, Hey, you know, I might want to do this.
Ashly: I have been wanting to do that since I first learned about what they were when I was about six or seven
Timothy: years old,
Ashly: much to the chagrin of my mother. I started drawing all over myself with the Sharpies. So I’ve always wanted to be
Kind of have to have the right set of circumstances,
but yeah, I’ve always wanted to learn how to do it. That’s definitely one of those things where it’s like one of the labs beside being like the trade, like a carpenter or something like that. It’s one of the last professions where you really do like one-on-one training specifically, just, you know, And sentence and you have to be committed to it.
Timothy: Now did you have to learn these secret handshake and the door knock and the quaint nudge, nudge and all that we don’t talk about? No, but
Ashly: the guy guys all behind that, you definitely want to do a, have some sort of like may Sonic S ceremony. When I got my license
Timothy: incessantly on my own,
Ashly: which does not a full verse about migration and migration. A lot of history is that doing in there, which is really fascinating. And there was a lot of slate. He has to be all of those things. You have to be a technician. You’re not just an artist. It’s not some sort of like rockstar attitude
to it as well, but you have to be humble mechanics. I just don’t go about learning. Like, I love that new machine. It’s about learning about your equipment, you know,
Timothy: so you’re not just, you know, well, I hate to say you’re not just an artist because you know, people have a bad connotation of what artists do. Sometimes you’re a mechanic as well. You have to have some mechanical apps as well as have that eye for detail and that skill and counseling or advising your, your clients on what they should get.
Ashly: yeah, there’s definitely
being able to draw. A lot of people don’t realize. I mean, you can get that
Timothy: and your canvas, you know, jumps out at you sometimes and switches and.
Ashly: Yeah.
Moving is, you know, that’s another bird that you found to learn about it as you go along. So I’m not knocking anything about art. I love art, but I also like,
I love the equipment issues, but like, I don’t find that to be something that
should be in the foreground is important.
And you shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t ever seem like it’s beneath, I’m fortunate to work with a bunch of people
that like,
something like that or warning them up again. I don’t really follow stuff like that because it’s unrealistic representation out there doing it. It’s a game show
which I used to do
Timothy: earlier today. We were talking, you were not aware though, that the world is a weird,
Ashly: strange, strange world. And even like not to get too technical about stuff, they didn’t even have a whole lot of moving parts in it. They basically, they didn’t have to even assemble all of it, like before they had to set up string, just not complicated.
People are like, oh, I always get mine repaired. I haven’t done that in years. You know? It’s like, like it’s something that you just, you know, like if I find that to be ridiculous,
Timothy: we kinda, you know, buy a new tattoo machine every week and then open it up out of the box. It’s all pre sterilized and everything like that.
Well, well now for you that, I mean, for the show though, it’s just kind of like, everything was all pre setup for them. They didn’t have to do on their own set up. Yeah.
Ashly: Or having a hard time doing some filming with the easy word of putting up a tattoo as you. But just talking about working on one, like it’s the meat, you know what I mean? Yeah. You know, I’m the best on the east coast and whatever, you know, like, I, I haven’t done this forever. I just send it out. I used to work with someone who I will not name who was like, that would just like, you know, could just immediately anything went any sort of way.
And he’s like, oh, well, if I try to repair my filter and I can’t send it back to him, like, it’s just an excuse for not liking
Timothy: well, I mean, I think you have to know whatever tool that is that you’re working with. No matter what what discipline you go into like a painter needs to know their brushes, the canvas that they’re using.
And you know, how the paint interacts and then the different mediums that they could add subtract from your existing, same way. You need to know how that machine works and how it’s going to do the things that you put in it. I was going to react to certain skin and all that jazz.
Ashly: Yeah. It’s basically you wouldn’t, you know, knowing your stuff, which is why in my version of it was a big deal.
The guy who me on the tattoo to emphasize the business prep before the night. So often,
Timothy: oh, I’m doing okay. And B you know, on the other side of the of the, of the machine, you know, you have to prep for. What’s going to happen because we got that one long as you get up. And I did not eat that day,
but afterwards I was like, and I went down, but that’s another aspect of your craft that you need to know how to deal with somebody like that.
Ashly: crashing, but yeah, you gotta be prepared for something like that. You’re actually officially
Timothy: Well, you’re the only person that I’ve interviewed doing their art while I’m interviewing.
Ashly: This is just getting the sending. Cause last time we went and got and
Timothy: exactly, exactly at a restaurant of which we’re not going to name because it’s a cool place and we don’t want it to get all his Stearns for people to go there and try to get our autographs and all that kind of jazz.
You have to be very protective of that.
Ashly: Yeah. It’s an hour thinking, thinking your show on,
Timothy: well, you know, you, it’s easy to do
so I think you kind of mentioned this, but for you, the attraction is more the craft versus the arts say, or
Ashly: I enjoy.
Yeah. If I’m having like blocks working on packing machines as fulfilling as well,
it sounded like, and I’m not saying that he is not a crap, cause obviously it is, but it’s kind of like, like a pottery, you know, where you, there’s another apparatus that you’re using and not just like a pencil or a paintbrush, there’s some, a whole other mechanical aspect of something that you use to create art.
Lends it more to a craft for me.
Timothy: Well, and you have your client, your patron, your desk, wherever you want to call them. Right there you get, you’re getting the immediate feedback while it’s happening.
So, I mean, if something doesn’t come out right, and just like bullshit or, you know, when it comes out fantastic, which, you know, not tooting your horn for you. That’s what I do. But this is number 12,
Ashly: really?
Timothy: No, no. There’s number 12 on my body. No, no,
let’s see the frame of chess. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
I’m losing count. That’s okay. This is what happens when I get my a fifth core math skills become even worse.
Majority of my tattoos are done by we’ll just say that. Yeah. Cause I only had four done by somebody else and then you’ve done the rest. So
I had the the Texas the chemo and then the dagger up here,
the diagram, the scope of which, you know, it’s, so it’s like a dagger and a still after set that 92 94,
Ashly: you
Timothy: know,
air force base. That’s what city
that was just down in San Antonio. That’s right. Yup. If I was going to move to Texas and it tells you the town I’d go to,
it’s a good place. I went to a big old comic book store there it’s right next to a Chinese buffet, Chinese buffet. It was first perfect match.
so getting back on the crash site. So no, like in my, because I have a day job, this is your day, this is your job. And I put air quotes. So that way everyone can see the air quotes. That’s what I do. Audio air quotes there, but it’s your job for the work that I do. I do a lot of counseling with my clients and all that, but I do realize.
There are some days that I do phone it in. Now when I do my art, I’m usually not phoning it in because that is something that, for me, it’s a treat that I get to be. I don’t necessarily get to do my art with every client. And I’m with you, you are doing your, with every client that you have with using your skills, you’re using your craft and all that.
I’m not doing
Ashly: my art with everybody. I am definitely doing my craft with everyone. And that’s yeah. That’s why that’s the craft or tattooing versus the art and tattooing. I’m doing my art with my tattooing right now because I drew this and, you know, it’s something that I wanted to tattoo. I care about every single one that I do and I do the best job they can with everything.
And I don’t judge other people for what they get because not everybody, you know, I’m not you, you’re not me. Not everybody wants to get a giant riding horse called tattooed on their thigh or two people making out tattoo on their throat. That’s me. If, whatever you want to get the bond to the person, or you really like it, then that’s cool.
But that’s not, that is an exercise in craft and not art.
Timothy: So we’re not going to talk about the, my shoulder,
Ashly: but yes, I feel like that’s kind of, that’s where the difference is, you know, like it is an art, but my art and not in a derogatory way, but my personal art would be more than something that I’ve drawn out of my mind or, you know, like, like from a complication or something like that, you know, Saigon and.
See, I feel like I put a different, neither one is awesome. I love that doing so it’s like, even if I’m doing something, it’s not that I don’t like it, but even if I’m doing something that’s not like for my book or something, that’s not like out of my mind or drawing from my wall, I’m still practicing the craft.
Gotcha. Yeah. In my women earlier today,
you just did easily, like we got call it a remix around here tattoo. Sure. And it was really, really, really faded and you just kind of wanted to have it re reworked. That would be another thing that I spend my time with that thing. And I like did my best to make. I believe you possibly could. You know, so that’s, again, it’s not my art.
I’m not even like, that’s not even a Debbie that I didn’t initially, you know, but the craft side of it is bringing it back to its fullest potential. Gotcha.
That’s another aspect of where, you know, I feel like tattooing comes to the craft first and second.
Timothy: So when would that, that thread going on there? You’re a craftsperson first artists second
Ashly: say custom, you know, like a couple of years, whatever I knew, then I might call it an art first. But you know, if you’re just doing your thing, we’ll also, you know, Walk in and anything that comes in the door, but yeah, I feel it should be because otherwise I’ve worked with people who act like, you know, movies of my arts and I was not going to deal with the rest of us.
And then they always end up having some kind of rockstar attitude. Cause you kind of pump yourself up in your head or your social media once yourself up in your head. Like,
you know, the majority of the time, if you weren’t tattooing your friends. Yeah. Yeah. So, you know,
Timothy: I think the kids used to call it way back in the day in the late eighties, early nineties don’t believe the hype. I could be wrong on that. I am older than her, but don’t believe the hype,
Ashly: you know, I don’t feel like anybody, especially.
Year or two tattoos should believe that there any sort of rocks are beneath them to do a walk in. And that’s just my personal opinion, but I also worked with people like that before. So
Timothy: what’s, what’s going to turn to some of the aspects of your craft. So it’s kinda some of the intangibles that you have so bedside manner or chairside manner.
However you want to call that, I guess depends. If somebody’s sitting in the chair or laying on a table, tableside married, there we go. How important is that for you? I mean, you get all walks of life coming in here. Is it important for you to connect with that person that you’re tattooing.
Ashly: Okay. I don’t feel like you are forced to necessarily, but my feeling on that,
even the blood I went, I would just go with my friends who were older than me. So I would go with them to get tattooed. And I mean, tattooers working with people I haven’t met, you know, just
joking around and having a good time and you know, like, oh my God, I want to do that. Cause it just looked like you were worried, you know? And
so I feel like, especially when somebody first I will say, I feel like it’s, you know, you have to, and sometimes you have to check your shit at the door, you know, because the person has kids and it’s getting their first tattoo from you. They might not know. Just got ghosted by someone or, you know, you add some sort of breakup and you’re upset or that you got to put your dog down or whatever else, because they don’t know your life.
And sometimes you just interact and it’s just a job and you just, you know, you can’t, but I feel like it’s kind of important for people that you pull it together because I feel like you’re doing them a disservice, you know, like they should have the experience that I have. They should, you should be the coolest person I’ve ever met.
You should pull out some stories and be weird or be funny or whatever, because they’re going to remember that forever. Oh yeah. You know, I remember, I, first time I got tattooed, so so yeah, I feel like it’s important a lot of the times, it just like you pull it together and be that for them. Cause they’re already nervous know.
We tend to forget. Sometimes I feel like that we’re in tattoo shops more than. Sometimes that aren’t home, you know? So I am very comfortable as you shop, but these people only buy them. Haven’t ever been in one, or they only haven’t been many years because they were about to be hurt or they’re
Timothy: using the painless.
Well, yeah, those are like,
Ashly: woo. But you know, like it just, you should be that should be able to like, hold it together and be that person. And that’s sometimes, I mean, like I’m talking, I just finished lining your tattoo and I’m talking during it. I usually don’t talk a whole lot my money. No, but I
Timothy: knew I was going to, well, this is a a special treat for everybody.
Ashly: Yeah. But so yeah, sometimes people don’t want to talk and that’s fine. That’s also fine.
Timothy: No, you know, when you’ve tattooed me in the past, there’s been times when it’s just been, we’ve sat here for an hour or two hours and sends out five words, not the word mad at each other. Well, no, we can do our own Headspace.
Ashly: It’s going to take me like a couple hours too. Cause when I start talking a lot of buttons, cause I talk with my hands. And so a lot of times when I started talking and then I stopped doing gesturing with my hands. So but yeah, so I guess that answered the question. I do. I feel like it’s important to be that for them it’s not being disingenuous.
And honestly it kind of, if I’m having a bad day, just gets me out of my head. Well, you know, making somebody laugh, cracking a joke, is that telling them a funny story
Timothy: because you never know what you’re going to run into with, with them. You know, they might have a funny story for you.
Ashly: Yeah. You know, and it’s disarming for people that are nervous, not just sitting there in silence, you know,
Timothy: you can have the mascara. Where you can have a good time and have a couple of lives
Ashly: doing this. Non-stop reasonably for everyone in case you leave this in there, I just broke a glove and smack myself in the hand with it. Oh, that’s
Timothy: not fun.
Ashly: It doesn’t leave a little mark. I used to work with this guy who will remain nameless a lot or name was
Timothy: people
Ashly: Being a diplomat that’s
Timothy: okay.
Ashly: Who he thought he was such a rock star and he was one of those. He literally said, I’m just going to focus on my art one time. But I thought he was such a big deal in such a rough sort of the most important thing to him when he was tattooing was listening to his own God damn music. And I don’t mean music that he made.
I mean, just music that he likes and if anything else was happening, he would wear headphones. He would like freak out about having to listen to what you wanted to listen to. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. Now you’re I have my room. It’s hot and you can listen whatever I want. Yeah. But it’s not the biggest fucking deal on the planet as far as like what comes to tattooing, right?
Yeah. Just driving videos.
Timothy: So if I popped in here and said, you know what, we have to listen to some Johnny Cash. You wouldn’t be offended by you just be like, Hey Tim, I’m going to put in the needle. Set hurt now.
Ashly: Yeah. That guy was weird. He also had a weird perception of time and thought that they had found Atlanta.
So, oh, okay.
Timothy: Yeah, that’s a that’s next episode. We’ll talk about the Atlanta’s and the movie, the fake moon landing. Yes. That’s the next thing.
Ashly: He would always do this thing where he’d be like, well, you know, every time he would say something completely non-factual he would started out like that. And one day he just walked in the shop and his, well, you know, he’s like found it Lantus,
Timothy: all right.
Some other non-changeable thing. So we, we’ve kind of talked about, you know, kind of your your, your bedside manner. You’re a chairside manner with folks how you feel like it goes with you.
Oh for me, well, that’s, well, you’re the person with the SharePoint, the object. So it’s fantastic.
Absolutely. Don’t hurt me please. Ah, no, but I think it’s important. I mean, because I dabble in a lot to a lot of different disciplines as do you, as. But know, I think, you know, when you’re talking to your customers or you talk, you’re not yet, I hate to call it customers, but clients or whatever, you know doesn’t have to make me sell except for, but exactly.
I am by the way, but you know, I retired back on no, actually September it was May 10th, 2013 is when I retired. Hey, sorry. I had to get married kids. That’s what happened? Well, a Decker, a very decorated. Yeah. I mean, there’s the come as your favorite porn star party, which I didn’t know you at the time. I apologize.
You know, that was a classic party. There is a picture of me wearing tassels and the trenchcoat not much else, but that was, and I came to the party. You saw that some people stayed, some people didn’t who cares.
We’re going to ask you, oh my God. To me. And I’m just like, my brain goes,
oh, no, you had actually turned the question around on me. And how has your bedside manner? And, you know, I think for me, when I do, like, when I meet people on the road, on the road, like
here’s the band back together, man. But when I’m on the road, I, you know, if somebody is talking to my, a podcast or something like that, or 15, one of my paintings, which I’m like, why are you in my basement? Why are you in my man cave? It feels cool. And I don’t necessarily want to give them an experience per se, but, you know, I want to let them know that I appreciate the time they took.
There’s a ton of other things that people could be doing
well, I’m not aware of these other so-called establishment. I’m sure they’re fine. But this is the only one that I can officially recommended. This is the official, a tattooer and Bessie shop of the KT team and crew. We get all of our tattoos here. And if you would like to be on the show, you know, you can always email us at Katie DOI, podcasting,
I will send you 11 topics. And if you have a topic or topics you’d like to talk to us by all means, feel free to email me and we’ll go ahead and get you on the show. I will come to where you’re at or we’ll do it on slack. If you’re attending. I have signed a assignment contract here, so you won’t even be able to look at my skin, but that’s,
I know for me, your church I’ve met her has always been well. I mean, we’ve been friends forever the week
and I’m bad with math, so I’m going to go with her. I’m going to go with a hundred years. Why not? So as far as your craft goes and I think, you know, when we did our very first interview for a year and a half
Ashly: ago
Timothy: Art portion of your stuff we talked a little bit about your inspiration on that. Are you finding it with today’s technology? You know, you go on the internet and get any. I mean in use, if you want all that kind of jazz, is that making your ideas, closet or idea board easier to fill up harder to fill up with it so easy to kind of, you know, people out there copying other people’s stuff.
Ashly: That’s not it, you know, once you get energized, not like a copier, but but now you are putting a separate on this tattoo, right?
see it as a tool for good, you know, I still collect books, looking at references books, but it does make it easier. Thinking about drawing something that I can look up reference on my phone and use the internet
or something or whatever
is when people,
you know, if somebody brings me an image on their phone and it’s the first thing that they use. And I know there’s another one that
you can’t ever have enough tattoos. You never have enough skull tattoos just because it’s something it’s popular. Doesn’t mean it’s wrong. If it’s the first thing, if you Google searches, generally not wholly unique to you. Right?
So the physics of tattooing, which I feel like goes into the craft and tracking there are some things that are possible that are not a good idea. And it’s for the longevity of your tattoos, because it’s not a painting, you know, and it’s going to grow and it’s going to change with you. And so if you use, you know, it goes together over time.
And if not anybody trying to talk to you and just trying to get money on you or anything like that, It’s just so that you can have a
me just because it’s possible. It’s not a good idea and everybody fucking knows it, but there are people that will do tattoos like that, and they will be on the internet, mostly a site, especially for you that I won’t name.
Why they shouldn’t be doing something and they’re holding up their phone on a picture of exactly what they’re trying to get. Same. It’s right here and it’s already done. You just can’t do it. You know? So that’s when it gets frustrating,
Timothy: that’s when you want to hit the hit time machine and go, okay, let’s fast forward 10 years and see what that thing looks like.
You can hear. So
Ashly: we have a binder here that has tattoos in it from that are kinda like that, that show people what it looks like. So yeah, I try to speak for good, but it does get your,
Timothy: so I guess that’s another aspect of your being an advocate for the person or their future selves. You know, you’re trying to love looking ahead for them and go, Hey, listen, you know, I’ve got 355 tattoos. I think I know what I’m doing. You’re coming to me a professional that knows what they’re doing. Like you wouldn’t walk into your doctor’s office and go, you know what, just take out the right house to live the last one, you know?
And they’re both insensitive. You don’t do that to your medical doctor. Why would you do that? Catch a of it. Yeah.
Ashly: Yeah. A bit of saving people from themselves, you know, and I either choose to listen or not honestly, like, it’s kind of, it goes both ways. Sometimes people just frustrated and, you know, whatever.
But most of the time I feel like people listen to what you’re saying, even if they don’t completely understand why. Well, I was just talking about physics and tattooing’s like, there’s art from a long way. The materials put a long way, but there’s certain things that we can’t just get by. And that’s the way that it’s going to work in your skin.
It’s just physics. It’s science.
Timothy: Like, I think I remember we had a conversation one time I was talking about doing daisies over my scar, on my left, on my back hand. And that’s just not going to work. It’s a great idea. It’s a tribute to my mom. However, it’s probably gonna hurt like, hell, it’s not going to turn out. Right.
Ashly: Yeah. And it’s like that.
Talk about going back to like people say the compensation too, because even if I’m talking to someone she know it’s important to understand, sometimes you have to, sometimes you have to certainly, won’t just, they understand what you’re saying. And then other people, when you. When it’s something like really important to them, or it’s very personal, it’s very emotional for them is not gonna work as a tattoo.
And so you’re like, okay, well that’s not gonna work as a tattoo, or we’ve got to do this and that. And sometimes people will understand, and then sometimes people get really upset because they take it like you’re trying to tell them that their idea’s stupid, as opposed to just saying your idea is great.
It just doesn’t work as a tattoo. And it’s, you know, that goes to the physics and the graphic, the whole thing. Yeah, I’ve definitely been in consultations with people that got started getting mad at me. They’re like, oh, well, you know, I know it’s not what normal, you know, I don’t like, no, no, no, no, no.
Let’s say
Timothy: there is no normal. Once you cross the threat,
So again with me, you know, I got the day job air-quotes going here and hardcore, except on my left hand, I’m not moving my left arm at all. So for me, I know my time is limited in the art that I can do and practice and rehearse and all that. And I think practice is a big thing for you. Are you finding all right, so, you know, you’re not allowed to catch you.
You take an hour, two hours, three hours to, so in your eight hour Workday, shall we say, which you probably know of you, you don’t have an eight hour Workday,
but 40 enough at the time that you’re not tattooing, you’re doing the research, you’re doing the consultation. You’re doing, thinking about the business aspect of it. It’s not just, Hey, we’re sitting around here having a good time. You’re actually doing research and practicing your frown. To get better at it.
Ashly: Yeah. We all get along, around joke around too, you know, because it’s important, in my opinion, especially when you do something, some people would see it as being cause it’s permanent, you know? So she has to be able to laugh about things and not, if you take, I take this seriously, don’t get me wrong. It completely seriously.
But if you freak out about every tattoo that you’re gonna do, then you won’t be able to do it. Right. So we have to, there has to be a lightness involved as well.
Timothy: I know I could never do a cashew because you don’t have an eraser on the other end of that machine.
Not a permanent non-painful. Yeah, exactly.
Ashly: Yeah. I’m getting laser. It takes a long time. Yeah, no thanks. Yeah.
Timothy: I don’t want lasers in my eyes. I don’t want losers on the body, Tom Brady, on the other hand, I’m fine with that.
And I know, I know you don’t care about no, you do care about sports. You care about hockey. Cause that’s the only sport that’s left. The guy was fine. He scored another goal later on in the game.
Ashly: I actually thought about my beginning last night on the worst idea. Well, I didn’t go watch it. So it was on draft. So at least halfway the half of one.
Timothy: Well, I mean, they really need to bring the Richmond renegades back when they read here the Coliseum, they just, they just need to do that. My mom
Ashly: told me over the holidays that she did not get.
Yeah. She used to date a
dude who went to the Wildcats and he, someone was playing a character based on him
when she told me that I was like,
Timothy: I I’ve never dated a hockey player.
Ashly: I guess
anyway, there we go. Somebody else will understand that
Timothy: that’s when we can pull it out for the Christmas show.
So I know I’ve been guilty of this forever in a week by saying tattoo artist. So for you, is that kind of saying the same thing twice?
Ashly: It’s fine. I mean, it’s kind of like when I’m talking about myself, I refer to myself.
I don’t have a problem
Timothy: and everybody knows me cause I am just like, everybody’s in August. And of course she has to be, if you know who I am, you’ve got to be an artist in some way, shape or form. You don’t have the options. It’s just a requirement because if you’re not, I’ll make you one.
Ashly: Yeah. I guess for me, it just goes to like the
for that ground. But you know, I don’t care and I don’t think offense to it. You know, like when people tell me, I look like Kat Von D I know they’re giving me a compliment, but it’s like it doesn’t make me feel like they don’t see me as an individual.
So on my training. And also sometimes when you say tattoo where people understand, they don’t understand what you’re saying. So kind
Timothy: of walk us through your
Ashly: well, you mean like I’m a Leo, I like long walks on the beach and cannulate Laden. Well,
Timothy: no, that’s a material.
No, I don’t like somebody walked in Joe blow walks in it’s either flashing them all. It comes in with an idea. What’s, what’s the process that you go through or he’s like, Hey, listen, I want a tattoo. Don’t care. What? Talking to this.
Ashly: Well,
they can’t always say I’m not, you know what I mean? Like, let me know what you want to do.
We had time to do what we have time to do it. If it needs to, if it requires an appointment, then it requires an appointment.
Usually when I set up appointments, I do whatever
it is. Usually I have people come in from complications,
a lot of different variables and a lot of
time to be able to do a tattoo. You know what I mean? Like it’s all so subjective. It’s just easier to do that in person.
Yeah. You make a folder from there is when you set the time for an appointment.
Timothy: And so let’s say somebody, you know, wants to come to you and get a set to what, what should they bond? So I’ve cash. Cash is good. But no seriously though, what should they read? What’s going to make it easier on you to give them what they lost.
Ashly: Well reference for something.
Does that sound like the first step? Like what people want to do? It doesn’t have to be a completely, fully formed idea, but yeah, he got to know what you want yet. When you walk in the door and you gotta be serious about wanting to do it, he’s like,
I don’t ever want anybody to feel like they are unwelcomed because that’s not true. But you know, if you’re going to beat up on back and forth, that’s fine. But once you kind of come in and you’re going to spend like 45 minutes talking to somebody about getting tattooed, that you’re just mulling over.
There’s a better way to go about that
hundred ideas, just a general idea of what you’re trying to do. And that’s when we can talk about all the options of how to, how to make that come to fruition and we’re gonna work with not gonna work. And then there’s some people that are like, oh, okay, well, I have another idea, a basic idea of what you want, because we’re not sitting around telling people what to get tattooed, and I’m not trying to trick anyone in anything, you know,
that’s the best way to go about it because we can sit here and stare at each other and be like, okay, so you’re laying in here is this habit. So I have that and wall over there. I ended up doing on my best friend So before I did that, I had to sit in the long.
So if you have a general idea, you know,
step one,
it’s not from a point of trying to be a jerk or anything like that, but you know, people don’t want. Someone coming into their work and just like making them stand there while they, you know,
Timothy: well, you wouldn’t take your car into a garage and go,
I don’t know, maybe an oil change. I don’t know, break.
Ashly: I’m going to think about it for half an hour, but I don’t want you to go anywhere. I need you to stand here with me. So when I think about something, I can tell it to you and then go, but I don’t know, you know, and
you don’t act like you think, you know everything about it, right?
A buddy of mine.
I’ve heard of mine
and I’ve ever had stickers made before. I also don’t know how it works.
Timothy: I forgot to bring stickers
Ashly: and we’re just like going over the design.
I just told him, I was like, listen, I have never done this before. I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t want working what doesn’t work. So I was like, if I am asking for something that’s realistic or by mapping for something, that’s going to be gigantic pain in your ass. Just tell me, I don’t know. And I don’t want to actively try to do that.
And that’s how I feel most of the time when people are. When it’s a difficult situation. And most of the time it’s just, they don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know why that doesn’t work. You know? So that’s why I always make a point. If I am going to tell somebody, no, I told them why
Timothy: good deal. Now, as far as like, when you’re in that consultation points and you get somebody that has a pretty good idea, and it is a feasible idea at that, I guess I’m kind of getting towards the whole I don’t want to say ownership part cause it’s, you know, You own that work, you put your, you know, your heart and soul and sweat and tears into this is why
Ashly: talk about having someone or any,
it’s always a weird thing. You work on them, even as I say,
Timothy: I see. That’s something that I’ve learned that you don’t have to recall catchy with you. I’m like, oh, I never noticed that
Ashly: I got to do.
Timothy: I mean, I’ve seen you put it on Instagram or I seen you put stuff out there.
Ashly: It does sound that I can
make it sound a lot, like,
Timothy: but you know, it is a thing that you do get through together because there’s a certain amount of
pain on this side of the house because we’re using the no pain needles, but I know your hands.
Ashly: When you’re done. Yeah. But yeah, it’s definitely not just a physical thing on the angle of the person getting tattoos. I definitely
wonder if my hand
Timothy: and that’s why it’s always good to hear here, tattooist. And I’m going to start sending text
cards to a massage therapist.
Never happened. Okay. Well, I have a massage service. She works.
Oh, yeah, I was there kind of like a certain degree of, I don’t want to say sadness that a loss, especially when you designed your own, like this one is, you know, a, you designed it,
but is there a certain certain sense of loss? Like, you know, after I get done here and walk out the door, that case is now gone. Not necessarily, because all you gotta do is guys, you can take a picture of that. You know, you got visitation rights to it, but is there a certain kind of a feeling that you have with that one?
When we walked out.
Ashly: You always want to get richer and then she’s always nice
of like the way it’s going to look when it’s all settled,
trying to get a good picture of it. I don’t really feel, it’s not like a separate thing because what you’re working towards is trying to get it on somebody else.
So, no, it’s not necessarily like that. It’s not like I’ve definitely done drawings or paintings that I’ve her soul. And it’s like, there’s only, there’s only one of those two, but I still have to drive weird. But there’s kind of like a separation anxiety with that a little bit, because you’ve spent so much time on it, but we’ve spent a lot of time, like, I don’t know.
But it’s a different thing
Timothy: for me. So you get it more with the with the drawings and the paintings versus the tattoos.
Ashly: Okay. That’s
Timothy: true. And I do plan on walking on my hand and you don’t when you’re done. Yeah,
that would be hilarious.
Well, no, I get that too. Cause I’ve, I’ve sold very few paintings, but you know, the the couple that I have sold, it’s like,
Ashly: yeah.
Yeah, I guess for me, it’s when something is in front of me,
but if I’ve drawn something fully functional, if the drawing
makes any sense,
I think the ideas, I mean, just listening to Brian. That makes sense. Just like
Timothy: So we’ve touched a little bit on your drawing, painting and that kind of stuff. So with tattooing that’s more France and art, but with like the drawings and the paintings and all that kind of stuff, is that more arts and crafts? I
Ashly: would say. Yeah,
not necessarily do a whole lot if I do. I don’t, I don’t do like,
stuff like that, but cause that’s the only, like the crapper has been drawing for you. You just know spatial relationships, as far as something that’s going to be 18. And to me, it’s not like you’re wild
artists, whether they come in, which is why, if you were like, I’m going to have my friend draw it for me, I’m like, no, it’s going to have to redraw it anyways. Because a lot of the times it’s like a lot of a lot of stuff in the foreground and then like, and it’s just not, yeah.
Timothy: So make sure you
have a brush
Ashly: or something. Just a hundred thousand.
That’s also aware in friendship in the future. So
that’s also
Timothy: like with all that drawing in apprenticeship is it you’re doing a lot of drawings and then you get to, do you get the secret chief into a tattoo or is it 15 versions of the same thing? And then, okay, you’re gonna put it on yourself. You’re going to put it on somebody else.
Ashly: I mean, everybody does it differently.
But I mean, for me, the first part about my version, which is basically learning how to keep everything clean. Yeah.
You know, you don’t actually have to work with it for a really long time,
so you get everything else.
Timothy: So what are you trying to tell me is if you want to be a tattooist every time I say I get 10 bonus points because I’m learning to change my vocabulary or some tattoos, tattoos, tattoos, that’s 30 points and wood that I can buy three of my own books. But so th this isn’t something that you can, you know, in five easy weeks when 1995
Ashly: be attached to it, people that that’s, that’s why.
Because you can’t teach someone how to be a decent tattooer. Good. We need decent tattooer in two months. It’s just ridiculous. So, but people, you know, people buy in life, so that’s just stealing people’s money. Yeah.
Timothy: And then a lot of that out there, and then you have a lot of your online schools or this, that, and the other thing, which for some things sure.
You can do it, but I’ve seen, you know, stuff where they do online before. And you know, as people know you were, once my students in each class, I don’t think you could really do that over the internet. Well, maybe you can do it with not even with Skype or maybe with squad gas. Thank you for the hundred bucks flat.
You could kind of do it that way, but you know, actually to give us the, and I’m getting over the butterflies, you know, kind of plug stuff into the, into the sharp first day. Yeah. That’s really gotta be done in person with somebody that can
see what you’re doing wrong, bad, bad habits and all that.
Ashly: So many edges and every single one that he did that. And I watched them do it and I asked questions and you know, it has to be a hands-on thing that can not be something that’s a commodity.
Timothy: So now going from. Somebody who on apprentices right now? As far as I know, you’re not, you’re not doing that, but no, I don’t no desire to do that.
Ashly: It is so much work and it’s such a commitment,
Timothy: but that’s not even a next stage thing. That’s not going to look
Ashly: into that. I don’t have any, well, you’ve
Timothy: dealt with me for how many years you have to have that kind of patience.
Ashly: Yeah.
Not that I want to be the guy who taught me basically.
Timothy: And with that, you know, apprenticeship teaching where your craft is today, let’s say six months out of that apprenticeship was it’s, it’s obviously you’re doing the tattoos, but is there like a percentage breakdown of my instructor, you can see my instructor, you know, 60% of the work versus me, 40% of the work.
And does that percentage kind of go down, whereas, you know, if we’re looking, looking at your work today versus six months a year, apprenticeship,
Ashly: Want me to like emulate
the way that I draw. Gotcha. Which was good.
It helped me to just like figure out what I like to do. You know, there’s nothing wrong with.
Timothy: He’ll have a PBS TV show.
Oh, there’s got to be, my wife got me a Barbara Borgen.
Totally different. So what was I listening to yesterday? It was on NPR. CBS made me think about NPR, which makes me think about PBR, which
they were doing a thing on there. Talking about the Smith. She was working on the Emory
and they had a little special on it, where they were talking about female artists.
Her relationship with man Ray and all the abuse and all that kind of stuff. And then I guess she had a son that didn’t know who she was in the art world. And I was like, mommy, I know, man, Ray, I know Lee Smith. And I’m like, how could he have not?
I was thinking about that. I was like, oh,
Ashly: okay. Well, I mean, it’s kind of like, I don’t like to, when I’m.
Absolutely. Know you just have to put your head down, but I wanted it that badly that I wasn’t going to get that
Timothy: well, if it’s something that you want to do with your life, if it’s the calling that you have, and I’m not talking, like
I’ll put a special time for that, because that’s what we do on podcasts. You know, you’re going to get, you’re gonna find a way.
Ashly: Yeah. It was a very, very frustrating
Timothy: well, and that kind of goes through one of the quotes that I found with craft that I thought was really cool is you know amateurs have writer’s block writers, you know,
and then the other one was you know, what crack is, is to be able to sit and look at the blank cage until you’re sweating bullets and then write the story.
Do the job
and make that happen for yourself?
Ashly: yes,
we are a wild pack because I’m an adult,
but when we need an adult
Timothy: now, even when you’re kind of doing the flash piece and, and let’s say you’ve done it, you know, it’s a. Let’s go, mom,
Ashly: are you burned on Saturday?
Timothy: So even when you’re doing one, you’re still putting a little your own spin on it if Tweety bird, but you’re not putting a, like a, like a subliminal upside down, cross on it.
Ashly: No, I mean, I’ve only been to tattoo in the style of my tattoo, you know? Well, until that style changes. Cause that’s what happens when you grow.
Timothy: it’s funny, you mentioned that because our good friend miss Noreen barn she just emailed me back. Have you thought about style as a topic and I’m like,
Ashly: you really want them to look the same. Wouldn’t get them done by different people, which is also the other aspect
is it’s not about getting and then adding to that one
tattoo over here next to it. I mean, it was like they wanted to do the whole same thing. They’re trying to get five different people on the same tattoo. And I’m like, it’s just like, you just went in to get this big tattoo.
Which is something that I think, I feel like people forget to find everybody works in different style. If you want something to look like it was all done the same time, all at the same time, you know, otherwise.
Timothy: Yeah. Because when I roll up my sleeves, people go, well, yeah. The other tattoos that I have have color in them and you know, with you, we do, we do the shadow work all the time, but people lacking gray was great. And I thought, I thought it was my hair. No. Okay. But but I
I eventually all the body hair.
Ashly: That’s all we can make our riches, man. We’ll just take a video of you
Timothy: hanging out in the backyard with one adorable girls.
Ashly: It was fun. It was like a little backbone. Oh, okay.
Timothy: So being on this side of the needles, I know I was going to kind of that happy zone whenever I get tattoos for you. And now my regular job, I don’t necessarily go into that happy. I’m turning up music really loud, you know, shutting my door on, know, cranking out Excel spreadsheets and TPS, cover sheets for my factors and all that good stuff.
He goes, somebody did give me a red stapler told him, let’s say for set off the space was one left will be split for you. Is there a point where you kind of get in that happy zone where your site get higher time and space kind of go away. And he was like, Symbiotic with the client, therefore the
Ashly: past hour and a half,
I don’t understand what you don’t want to bring a hundred people with them to watch them get tattooed. Because watching someone getting tattooed is incredibly wide,
Timothy: they made, it’s not like it is on TV.
Ashly: It’s like I also, because I told them, I’m like, it’s the message television, man. It’s like you ever seen a cooking show?
Like they don’t stand in front of the oven for 25 minutes and watch the oven. They bring out the little thing and we go, Hey, if we stood here and watched the oven for 25 minutes, here’s what would come out of it. And same thing with tattooed TV shows, people were like, really? It’s going to take that long.
I’m like, yes, it’s a very long process. Which is also, you know, I don’t expect everyone to know that, but no the best way that I ever heard the lady to thrive, watching somebody getting back was that librarians. I did someone ask them, he just said to her and they asked them, what’s it like watching?
It’s like watching two people sit close to each other for hours. Yeah. That’s exactly what it is. Yeah.
Timothy: Cause I’m weird. You’re not weird
Ashly: with the normal
Timothy: one. Right? You’re you’re, you’re the normal one. I am the purveyor of weirdness in the world. I would sit and watch people very closely for hours on end because I’d had my notebook right there and I’d make up a novel.
I said,
Ashly: yeah, I don’t see you doing that. But it just makes me think of the, I’ve never seen, it’s going to be a video of somebody walking up a hill for six. Yeah, I don’t.
Yeah. So
unless you’re like, watch myself getting tattoos, I like to watch the way other people got here. Sure. But interesting
to people you don’t even have that many people in can find the dressing room
and not have the temperature. It can be really uncomfortable and ultimately.
Ultimately one room. Absolutely.
Timothy: That is why I will never have you
Ashly: normally, normally, oh God, it’s hard to do. I think a lot of distress, depending, if you want to make sure that.
It’s not
funny. But
But yeah,
I have two names on me. I have my dog.
And then I have my finger that he was going to use it as the front page of the portfolio.
Timothy: No, I just had my name on me cause I figured I’m not going to break up with me anytime soon.
Besides it’s funny when people don’t know me, they look for chemo, they looked for a little Oriental guy and I’m like, well, that’s how it, that’s how it started. Yeah.
Have I told you the story of king? Oh my God. Okay. I, you know, we’ve known each other for a hundred years. Jesus. So my my brother Mike is four years older than I am. He went to college. I went to high school. Join the fraternity. There’s a guy there from Thailand. His first name was 13 letters, long, 15 letters long.
So they called him chemo, dragon. He and I got to be good friends cause, well, you know, I’m French Canadian. We can drink a lot. And so they call me chemo. So I’m in the air force. I’m writing poetry, go to my first poetry reading. And before that there’s this bulletin board system, which was before the internet and I was putting poetry up there and sending it as chemo because I was unsure of myself.
And so I’m like, Hey, I’ll meet you guys at this, you know, poetry, that’s in the coffee shop in town. And so I signed up his chemo and I’m standing in the back and I’m like, Hey, you know, we’ve got this new poet. Here’s his first time out under the names chemo. Let’s, let’s bring them on up. So I pop up there and they’re like, no, no chemo.
No, that’s me. They’re like, you’re not a little Chinese guy. I’m like, Nope, Nope. French Canadian button. You know, we looked Japanese if we were tall and really hearing. Yeah. So I used that you know, I had a good, you know, good turnout at that point. And so when I was in the airport working on aircraft, because I was a mechanic, we all have inferior inferiority complex to pilots, pilots have call signs.
So we all had to give herself a call sign. So I gave myself. And that kind of stuff. So I started getting tattoos and I was like, oh, well I need to put that on my arm and make it stick. So that way I can tell people, no, really I am chemo. You don’t want to go to Porsche. I have it on my arm felt the same way.
And the skull kind of looks like me. I’ve been one time. I did have a full man. I used to wear sunglasses.
These are transitions. They turn into sandboxes
and that’s about three minutes story. There’s a 32nd story. And there’s a three day story. I’ve only told the three day story twice.
Ashly: The ceremony
Timothy: involved with it. Oh yeah, there was, there was a fist fight afterwards. Cheated there. Like you could have told me, I had three minutes. I’m like, well, you asked for the three-day story. I gave you an option.
So let that be a lesson to you. People, if you ask for it and you get it, you ask,
can you do my hair too?
Ashly: highlights?
Timothy: Also, we did we did the haircuts with the girl and her style. His name was Jennifer.
They hit it off
and equity. I had hit it off with her stylist to talk like they’re old friends, I’m just, I’m sitting there going, there’s going to be a nightmare. I’m going to Holland and crying and death benefit.
They have their moments, you know, like when they wake up at three in the morning and
you go in there and let the wife sleep and you go in there and now.
I don’t have to threaten any boy that’s out there. Any girl that’s out there. I have pictures. I have video audio.
Thank God for Google photos, Google. That’s a hundred dollars. Thank you very much.
Ashly: We’re done.
Timothy: Oh, sweet.
Ashly: All right.
Timothy: Promise. I eat food
Ashly: today. I know.
Timothy: Oh yeah. That is, that is.
That is done to my folks to get a tattoo, but not this one, this one’s
Ashly: wherever. Yeah.
Timothy: Yes, you’re right. It is a switch blade.
Ashly: It can be a sword if you want it to
Timothy: be a sword. Well, I mean, for, for a mouse, it’s a broad sword, but for a tiny mouse,


Thank you for listening to this episode of create art podcast, KDOI rebroadcast. You know, it was a real pleasure talking with Ashley while getting a tattoo and interviewing her and getting her ideas and thoughts on craft. Do I recommend it for everyone to do now? I don’t recommend it for everyone to do doing interviews while you’re getting tattooed, but I do recommend you getting tattooed by Ashley, for sure.
Now, if you are having issues with your practice, with your craft, reach out to me, may be able to help you out. Or I may be able to get you to some resources that will help you out. So until next time tame your inner critic, create more than you consume and go out there and make some art for somebody you love yourself.
See you next time.
This has been a gaggle pod, east studio production gaggle pod, where we’ve been helping creatives tell their story through podcasting since 2017, come on over to gaggle Check out all of our network shows and let us help you tell your story through the power of podcasting. .

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