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Commentary Telling Your Story

Who is Telling your Story

Who is your hype person, who is telling your story to your audience? When you are not physically next to your artwork and able to answer questions posed by those who enjoy it how can you speak for the work? Today I am talking about telling your story and who better to tell your story than you.

When you go to an art gallery that specializes in work from previous centuries and read the little cards that describe the piece, do you wonder how they got that information? Some of it is combed from the artists’ writings or biographers, hopefully, but usually it is by an art historian compiling information from sources that may or may not be primary sources. That is a huge gamble that I don’t want to leave to anyone who barely passed art history or relies on Google or Wikipedia searches.

Another reason why I think it is important to have the last word on your work is that tastes change. What is stylish now, attitudes that are accepted now are not necessarily going to be accepted in the future.

One last point I’d like to make is that telling your story is an artform all itself. Not a lot of people can do themselves justice when telling their audience about how they came about creating their work.

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