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Commentary Serendipity

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The Art of Accidentally Finding Inspiration

We are diving into the enchanting world of artistry and creativity, exploring a concept that has often been a silent yet powerful partner in the creative process – serendipity. It’s that magical moment when the unexpected aligns perfectly with your artistic vision, leading to unparalleled inspiration and innovation. My wife gave me a box of cards for the holidays in 2022. I was puzzled because they were creativity cards and I thought, what the heck is this, I don’t need them. Well, folks, I was wrong and I will attempt to do a card a week and record an episode about how I am utilizing the card I draw every week if you decide to pick up a deck and do these let me know.

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Points to Consider

  • The Dance of Chance and Creativity
  • Creating Space for Serendipity
  • The Mindset of a Serendipitous Artist
  • Turning Accidents into Art
  • Embracing Uncertainty

The Kernal of Serendipity

Be prepared when a moment of serendipity comes your way.

Serendipity Definitions

Serendipity: the fact of finding interesting or valuable things by chance Source Cambridge Dictionary


  • Catalog the odd and the weird. Document patterns, even if you aren’t sure what they might seem.
  • Enlist others to cultivate habits that can lead to serendipitous discoveries. Gather together and pool your observations.
  • Identify a recent blunder, mistake, or stumble you or your colleagues recently made. Before you clean it up, take a few minutes to study it. What might be gleaned from the experience?

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