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Commentary Doodling

Making Fun A Habit Series

30 days to add fun into your creative practice. I will be going through Mike Brennan’s Make Fun A Habit workbook and help you make fun a habit. I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike on my other podcast Find A Podcast About and talking about his podcast Creative Chats. This workbook leads you through steps to rekindle the fun in your life and get you in a space where you are your most creative. This is a 30 day book and I will be tackling each day as if it were a week and providing you insights on how you can use his ideas in your creative practice. Each chapter is broken up with a short story, questions to ponder, action items and tips.

Just Doodle It!

We all do it. In a meeting or just mindlessly scratching away at some paper or napkin. Doodling is one of the best ways to start a project. There is no commitment and very little effort once you start, but it can give you a pathway to complete your projects. Just about everyone has a writing utensil and something to draw on, so don’t neglect the power of the doodle.

Question to ponder

  • When in your life do you remember doodling? Where were you? What was it like?
  • What are your immediate objections to doodling? Write them down and then doodle around them.
  • What would make doodling more fun for you? Fancy paper? Specific pens? Reward yourself after a fun doodling session with different supplies.

Action item: start doodling in your copy of Make Fun A Habit.


  • use whatever materials you have
  • there are no rules
  • don’t be afraid to experiment
  • doodle whenever you feel like it

My Doodle for the week

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