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Commentary Detachment

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Healthy Detachment

When I saw this card, it reminded me of Al-Anon and how they use loving detachment when dealing with their alcoholic partner. I didn’t understand initially that detachment can be a good thing and it can give you some good perspective on your work. My wife gave me a box of cards for the holidays in 2022. I was puzzled because they were creativity cards and I thought, what the heck is this, I don’t need them. Well, folks, I was wrong and I will attempt to do a card a week and record an episode about how I am utilizing the card I draw every week if you decide to pick up a deck and do these let me know.

Links on Detachment

Detachment Definitions

Detachment: the dispatch of a body of troops or part of a fleet from the main body for a special mission or service, a permanently organized separate unit usually smaller than a platoon and of special composition, indifference to worldly concerns, freedom from bias or prejudice.

Detachment Challenge

  • Recall your ancestors. Were they gardeners? Tinkerers? Storytellers? How might you lessen any fears or anxieties about end results by taking a cue from the past and just letting “making things” become a central part of your everyday life?
  • Take an inventory of your home or workspace. Consider its contents as artifacts that either encourage or suppress creative impulses. Remove the things that could censor, paralyze, or stifle. Add items that embolden and nurture.
  • Reflect on how to detach yourself from people and situations that might inhibit creativity. Furthermore, detach yourself from your assumptions about how others will receive your work.

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