9: Ways To Be More Creative

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Hello friends. This is Timothy Kimo Brien, head instigator of create art podcast, part of the gaggle pod network of podcasts. And I have over 20 years of experience in various disciplines of art, ranging from poetry, theater, music, and podcasting. My mission is to help you unlock your creativity and help you overcome any barrier you may encounter, including your inner critic.

Today’s episode we will explore a few ways to be more creative such as

  • Don’t accept writers/artists block
  • be intentional/plan out your time
  • Avoid distractions while in your creative time
  • Read, a lot, not just for your discipline, but in all areas
  • Walk away from the project for a time
  • Ask for help from a mentor
  • Put the unfinished piece out there to solicit feedback and incorporate the feedback
  • Drop the project entirely
  • Reuse “failed” projects for a “Frankenstein” Project

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