6: On Giant Shoulders with Joel Ciaccio of the Hack Sessions Podcast

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     Today we have a special treat in store for you. This is part 2 of a conversation I had with Joel Ciaccio of The Hack Sessions Podcast and you can reach him on IG @the_hack_poet where he discusses poetry with other poets and does magnificent deep dives. For part 1 of this conversation go to his podcast and tune in. If you are coming over from The Hack Sessions, welcome, we will be finishing up our conversation in this episode and as you already know it is an enjoyable one. For my fans, dive in and make sure you head over to Joel’s site for in-depth interviews with some amazing poets. 

     So why T.S.Elliot? Well, he was the first poet that inspired me to write. I have been writing poetry since 1988 and have self-published 4 books of poetry and have hosted numerous open mics from Rockford Illinois to Phoenix Az and Richmond Virginia. I have also branched out to music, theater, painting, and podcasting because of my love and devotion to the arts. Joel is also an accomplished Poet and runs a very good IGTV program where he has his viewers submit poetry to him and he reads it on his feed. 

     In this part of the episode, we discuss the hardships TS Elliot faced, how some people view him today through a #metoo lens and how others stand on our shoulders as we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. Sit back listen and learn about TS Elliot, let me know what your favorite poem by TS Elliot and lets get the conversation rolling with you. 



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