5: Creativity in the Work Place

Thank you for catching this episode of Create Art Podcast. This is Timothy Kimo Brian, your head instigator at Create Art Podcast, where I have over 20 years of experience in the arts from multiple disciplines. My passion is to teach others how to unlock their creativity and experience the joy that art can give each and every one of us. We are going to be talking about how creativity into your workplace and possibly rise the corporate ladder or be inspired to start your own business. We are using two articles to get our point across today. first up is Erik Wahl from his All Business article The Importance of creativity in the workplace. He discusses how creativity and problem-solving are interlocked and require the same skills. The 4 major points he discusses are Fluency, Flexibility, Elaboration, and Originality. 


Michael Schneider, in Ink magazine, published an article discussing how taking three steps a manager can make a more creative workplace. His three main points are

Encourage risk-taking. Increase connection and collaboration.  Create a shared vision, but allow employees to pursue it autonomously. 



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