12: Commentary: Self Care and Creativity

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Welcome friends to Create Art Podcast. I’m Timothy Kimo, Brian, an artist, podcaster, and teacher with over 20 years of experience in multiple artistic disciplines and I’m here to help you tame your inner critic and spark your creativity to live a more fulfilling life. Here you’re going to find conversations, interviews, commentary, and projects that will help you to discover your voice. Today we’re talking about self-care and how that can help you overcoming burnout, sparking fresh ideas, and keeping you invested in your chosen interest.

Articles discussed in this episode are :

Simon Gottschalk To Be More Creative, Embrace the Art of Doing Nothing

In a hypermodern society propelled by the twin engines of acceleration and excess, doing nothing is equated with waste, laziness, lack of ambition, boredom, or “down” time.

But this betrays a rather instrumental grasp of human existence

Thomas Oppong For A More Creative Brain, Take Breaks on Purpose

Your brain needs downtime to remain creative and generate its most innovative ideas.

A growing body of evidence shows that taking regular breaks from mental tasks improves creativity and that skipping breaks can lead to stress, exhaustion, and creative block.

Shane Mehling Creative Breaks, Why You Should Take One Immediately

Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to finish something, or trying to start it, that we end up spending a few anguished moments of our day before we get frustrated and then kick the can down the line, the task always on our mind, weighing us down and pretty much keeping a little black cloud over us. Not only do we not finish our project but we also constantly feel bad about ourselves for being so lazy/uncreative/dumb.

So maybe it’s time to take a vacation.

Strategies discussed:

  • Set time aside to do nothing
  • Turn off phones, computers, tablets any distractions
  • Set up a meditation area
  • Take a walk
  • Use a journal to track your journey
  • Take a hot bath

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