11: Creativity and Overcoming Challenges

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Today’s guest is Tia Sunshine Dye, you can find her works at tiasunshine.art She has been creating watercolors for about 2 years as of the date of this episode. She started her process by writing ideas in a bullet journal and discovering her love of painting. We talk about how this helped her with creativity and overcoming challenges she faces while making and marketing her watercolor art in these tough days.

Topics covered :

  1. Why she chose watercolors
  2. How using a bullet journal helped her discover her talent
  3. When it is time to stop a painting
  4. Dealing with impostor syndrome
  5. Balancing business requirements with creativity
  6. The importance of having a mentor
  7. What creativity provides on a personal level
  8. Overcoming negative perceptions of artists

Tia has now opened her website so you can purchase original works and prints. Her blog gives you behind the scenes info on her thoughts. She has a newsletter that is very unobtrusive.

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Discussion of creativity and overcoming challenges with Tia Sunshine Dye who started doing watercolors in 2018 and has a thriving business both online and in person. She shares her journey and how you can accomplish your artistic goals.

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